Download reports in Email Tracking for Zendesk in one click

Want to make the presentation, but don’t know where to take consolidated data? Now there’s no need to search for or copy data by hand! You can download reports in Email Tracking and use this info as you desire. Our team always takes into account the wishes of our clients. This update is not an exception, cause our clients often asked questions about how to download reports in Email Tracking. Let’s overview the process of downloading the report to your PC.

How to download reports in Email Tracking?

The whole process will take only a few seconds and you will be surprised how easy it is. If you use Email Tracking, you should know that all the reporting data you can find on the Statistics page. There are drop-down lists with such names as: “Show data for”, “Reporting period”, “Data for addon”. You can select a specific agent, choose the time frames of the report and particular addon to display the data for. Then, if you click the button “Download report” in the upper right corner, the plugin will automatically compile a CSV file with the chosen parameters.

Download Reports In Email Tracking Statistics

Statistics page view

Afterward, the file will be saved on your computer so you can open it instantly.

Download Reports In Email Tracking

Report file view

Thus, you won’t have to copy data manually in order to showcase it to your coworkers. By the way, it’s a great method for saving the reports that were captured more than 6 months from now. 

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