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Email Tracking Update – Track emails via Zendesk mobile app

From now on, Email Tracking users are capable of tracking all email opens in the mobile version of Zendesk.

Email Tracking is one of the robust Zendesk app integrations created by GrowthDot. And you can probably guess that its main function covers tracking of email opens, their quantity, and the exact time users read it. There are also performance reports, GDPR/CCPA compliance settings, and many more! Everything for you to perfectly adjust the application to your business needs.

As Zendesk has a mobile application for providing customer support on the go, we assumed that it would be great for its users to be able to track email opens not only via desktop but also via their phones. And now, we are ready to announce that you can use Email Tracking for Zendesk in your mobile help desk, too!

All you have to do is make sure that the app tracks the replies correctly. Therefore, you will need to enable certain notification triggers. There’s no need to go to Zendesk trigger settings or create the new ones. You just need to make sure that the internal Email Tracking trigger settings are on. Just go to the App Settings page and check the boxes next to ‘Notify requester of received request’ and ‘Notify requester of comment update’. These settings will automatically enable the necessary triggers so that the app can create private notes and update the count of ticket opens (and other custom fields) from mobile applications, too.
Email Tracking app settings

Keep in mind! Even if you already have the settings enabled, you have to turn them off and back on so that Email Tracking can work properly on your mobile devices.

Try Email Tracking now!

If you haven’t used Email Tracking by GrowthDot yet, we strongly recommend doing so! Set up a 7-day free trial to test its wonderful feature set. And if you have any more questions or feedback, we can’t wait to hear from you! Just contact our friendly team via this chat window.

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