Help Center Custom Experience

Development, implementation, and customization services of any complexity for your Zendesk Help Center

Everything essential for your Zendesk Help Center to make the full use of its powers. GrowthDot is a team of professionals who will take the hang of your

Zendesk Help Center and tailor it for your unique business needs. Amaze your customers and make your agents happier by making your help center really express the soul of your business!

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Everything you may need to impress
your customers and make your team happy


Want to take over the control? Customize the theme yourself with our professional set of available tools. Adapt every piece of the dashboard according to your business style.

Simple working approach

With GrowthDot you are able to easily order branding and customization services, or use your own efforts to modify your Zendesk Help Center theme as you wish. Whenever your customization template is ready, easily implement it into your Zendesk Help Center and check if it works properly.

Branding and customizing your Zendesk Help Center

Wish your Zendesk Help Center looked more like your official website and matched its style?
Request branding from our service and get a theme that will completely represent your own
unique style. Realize any ideas that are supported by Zendesk!

Add your Brand into Zendesk

Theme Installation

You can request the customized theme installation for your Zendesk dashboard for you, even if
wasn’t created by our engineers and designers.

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More amazing features of GrowthDot
custom experience

Zendesk Function Maintenance

We know a lot about Zendesk functions and
make sure that they are maintained and
supported in our design customizations.

Multilingual Support

Create real customer satisfaction with
all the languages available in our themes.

Popular Browsers and Devices

Our themes are maintained in many popular browsers
not only on the desktop but on mobile devices.

A Number of Styles

We create any style you want, depending
on your content, design preferences and professional style.

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