Ticket List Anonymizing is Available - GDPR Compliance

Anonymizing from a separate ticket is not always convenient when it comes to processing thousands of tickets. That’s why we added mass ticket anonymizing. So, from now on, you can not only delete tickets in bulk but anonymize them in the same way as for the User list. Let’s see how it works.

How to Run the Process of Ticket List Anonymizing?

At first, you need to create a ticket list in GDPR Compliance. Then go to the “Ticket lists” tab and select the appropriate Ticket list. On the upper right corner push the “Process GDPR Request” button.

Ticket List Anonymizing Start

Ticket list tab

Then, select the Anonymizing process and click on “Proceed with the list”. Next, confirm the process and wait until it’s completed.

Ticket List Anonymizing Proceed

Process GDPR Requests

During ticket list anonymizing, the following data will proceed:

  • The whole Email comments;
  • Custom fields.
Note: requester name and email, assignee name, and brand name won’t be anonymized. Also, the app changes the ID of proceeded tickets.

As you can see, we anonymized the ticket comment, subject, tag field, and custom fields such as the date and phone number, so they are empty. By the way, the app recreated tickets with a different ID and the old one was added to the new subject.

Ticket List Anonymizing Ticket

Anonymized ticket

Also, you can change the fields to proceed at any time, just go to the Settings tab, select Preferences, and put the checkmark in the front of the needed fields.

Process Preferences


By the way, there is an option of anonymizing the whole credit card number instead of Zendesk’s semi-anonymization. Read this article to learn all details about GDPR credit card numbers anonymizing.

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GDPR Compliance is created for User and Ticket list anonymizing, retrieving, and deleting data from your Zendesk separately or in bulk. GDPR Compliance, without any doubts, can do many things in your Zendesk according to PPI, European and Californian data privacy regulations (GDPR, CCPA), and many other security protocols.

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