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Email Tracking is a vitamin to your customer support

The good health of your support team has the same importance as patients. Good customer support makes both sides happy and is crucial when discussing sensitive industries such as healthcare. Here you need to be highly attentive to human needs and feel the border between friendliness and obsession. Email Tracking for Zendesk Support can be helpful here.

Many hospitals and institutions are wary of using emails as they prefer other channels to inform about appointments. Besides, they are usually concerned about privacy. But who forbade hospitals from using emails for email marketing? It can be a great tool to encourage patients to choose your clinic. Also, we described other use cases for Email Tracking. So, worth to try.

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Use cases of Email Tracking for commercial healthcare industry

Follow your sales strategy

Check if the patient is aware of their lab test results, insurance status, etc.

Email is the best of all well-known channels to deliver information about lab test results. With Email tracking, you can easily monitor if the patient has seen the test results before his visit to a doctor. Besides, the doctor’s activity also can be tracked if you send the result to both sides. Also, inform your patients about their insurance status, payment details, etc., without annoying calls. That will help to reduce the time for using other channels to contact.

Bring a value

The Healthcare industry is not only about curing diseases. It is also about delivering relevant information. You can use your customer support system to bring value to your patients and inform those who subscribe to your newsletter. Let your patients know about new medicines or medical research. In its turn, Email Tracking will show you who are the most active and what topics aroused the interest of your audience. The link tracking option can help you to define what page is the most followed by your patient so that you can plan your future campaigns better and become a trustworthy source of information.

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Combine healthcare with customer care together with Email Tracking for Zendesk

Top Features of Email Tracking for Zendesk

Track link activity to find out who is most active
Make sure you know what time and date the email was opened
There are many ways to adjust. You can track specific users, create Seen/Unseen views, enable/disable private notes, and more with this app

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