Proactive Campaigns
for the Financial Industry

Multiply assets and customer trust together with Proactive Campaigns

Considering that your clients mostly create bank accounts to receive a salary, email marketing seems unnecessary. However, it can help you to promote your financial or insurance services effectively with less budget. Besides, calls, sms are quite annoying for your potential clients. Consequently, email marketing is one of the most effective and cost-saving channels to reach your target audience. Proactive Campaigns can be handy in that case.

If you use Zendesk for customer support, you can install and try Proactive Campaigns. It has many advantages, but the most fundamental is sending mass email campaigns directly from the customer support system. So, there's no need to additionally integrate any email tool with Zendesk as Proactive Campaigns is already the perfect fit.

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Proactive Campaigns for the Financial Industry

These financial institutions are already boosted their email marketing with Proactive Campaigns

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Use cases of Proactive Campaigns for Financial Industry

Build trust between customers and your company

Build trust between customers and your company

Proactive Campaigns for Zendesk can be used for sending personalized emails and adding value to your services. For example, create a target customers lists filtered by particular criteria and warm your email subscribers up to your financial assistance. Keep up your customers with industry updates or changes through value-added marketing campaigns.

Enjoy with intuitive user interface, as the app is pretty straightforward. Create eye-grabbing emails with advance formatting, schedule, and test campaigns for not to be spammy before launching the campaign.

Collect feedback and improve customer experience

Compose emails with ratings and feedback and get valuable feedback about your products and customer service. Also, deliver proactive customer service with the app's help, and send guidelines or FAQs to your customers right after the purchase to prevent possible issues. As a result, the loyalty of your audience will grow, and you can get one more way to increase your sales.

Also, you may like a CSV upload feature or the ability to send follow-ups based on the receiver's activity. The app tracks reply so that you can automatically follow those who responded or not, depending on your needs.

Collect feedback and improve customer experience

Marketing automation and customer service communication are seamlessly integrated with Proactive Campaigns

Take a look at the app's most impressive features

Email campaigns can be sent natively from Zendesk
Keep track of customer responses and plan follow-up campaigns
It is possible to import users from CSV files
Multi-formatting options, customer experience metrics (CSAT), and more

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