A New Kind Of Service Just For You

We strive to provide excellent results as fast as possible. We want to make sure that you do the minimum and get the maximum.

What Is This New Service? How Does It Work?

  1. We provide you with helpful tips on how to select a theme and you pick the desired layout from our collection. Optionally, we can also edit the color scheme to meet your demands, as well as we will make the header and footer identical to your main website, and change the icons.
  2. Then you can proceed to download your Zendesk theme and start the installation process. You can also ask us to do it as it is absolutely free.
  3. In addition, you can order Zendesk email branding and get extensions in case you need further customizations.
  4. We then make sure that everything is working correctly and will inform you when you can use your brand-new theme.
  5. Once verified and agreed that the job is done in accordance with your needs, we will provide a warranty.
  6. Optionally, you can also check if further Zendesk updates don’t break the theme and that there are no bugs. You can also opt for the extended warranty period included in our protection plans. The plan comes with a wide range of free bonus services of its own.

Just tell us what you need and we will do our best to deliver the results you’ve been waiting for.

Zendesk Help Center Is What We Specialize In

We love Zendesk Help Center and have been using it ourselves to deliver the best possible quality. That is why we refuse to create other help centers or develop websites as Zendesk is where our heart is. We put all our energy into the platform and want to make sure that our themes are the best ones in the block.

Why Working With Us Is Beneficial

One of the key things that differentiate us from the competition is the fact that we not only employ the best practices and tools to enhance the end product but provide in-depth knowledge when it comes to the Zendesk micro-architecture.

Due to the fact that we know Zendesk from inside to outside, we can guarantee high quality on all levels. Here’s a spreadsheet that you can use to compare:

Growthdot Themes Freelancers Web studios DIY Standard Zendesk Themes
Cost $389-$1200 $200-$1500 $1200-$3200 $0 $0
Professional Work Yes Yes Optional Optional No
Thorough knowledge of the platform Yes No No Optional Yes
Theme Testing Yes Optional Optional No No
Ability To Use Any Color Scheme Yes Yes Yes Optional Optional
Correction and refinements Optional Optional Optional Optional No
Responsive Designs Yes Optional Optional Optional Yes
Modern Design Solutions Yes Optional Optional Optional Optional
Support For Custom Fonts Yes Optional Optional Optional No
Support For all Zendeks Features Yes Optional Optional Optional Yes
Fast Results Yes Optional Optional Optional Yes
Warranty Yes Optional Optional Optional Yes
Unique Help Center Design Optional Optional Optional Yes No
Extra Formatting Components Yes Optional Optional Optional No
— %s