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We strive to provide excellent results as fast as possible. We want to make sure that you do the minimum and get the maximum. On this page, see how to take your Zendesk to the highest level.

GrowthDot Consulting - How does it work?

GrowthDot team strives to improve the support, sales, and marketing processes of any business by facilitating and empowering what Zendesk tools have to offer.

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Don’t know how exactly to upgrade your Zendesk?

See how to approach the process

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See how to get started with GrowthDot

Here are your next steps:

1. Send us a service request.

Go to the pricing page, choose the required services, specify the details of your order, and send us the request.

2. Negotiate the details.

Our support team will get in touch with you to confirm your order, specify all the missing points (if there are any), determine the exact price, and calculate the time needed for completing your order.

3. Review the layout.

After our developers are ready with your order layout, we’ll send it to you for review. Carefully go through all details and point out anything that is missing or needs to be changed.

4. Install and enjoy using the performed service.

Be it Zendesk theme customization or app integration, make sure to use it to the fullest as soon as it is fully set in your Zendesk instance.

Don’t know how exactly to improve your Zendesk instance at this very moment?
Here’s the timeline of recommended steps you should follow to use your Zendesk to the max.

1. Zendesk instance audit

First of all, you need to analyze your instance properly to identify the weak points and fix them in the first place. Being Zendesk partners, GrowthDot team will know precisely what to review and how to address the found issues.

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2. Data import

Even if you have been using Zendesk for a while, the chances arere you have some communication history stored outside of Zendesk. Make sure to bring that on to Zendesk so that you have the full context of each interaction with customers. And GrowthDot will transport all data maintaining the original record structure.

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3. Instance configuration

If some entities or settings are missing, GrowthDot team will help to recreate them. For instance, create groups, agents, roles, configure the necessary settings, automations, custom fields, tags etc.

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4. Help Center configuration

Excellent customer service is impossible without self-service. That’s why the next step is help center setup. Our professionals will resolve Help Center and Community configurations review and setup of the missing settings.

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5. Branding and Customization

Your website and Help Center display your corporate style as it is. That’s why you should make sure the Zendesk Guide theme is meeting your style and responds to your brand image. Ready-made themes, slight branding service, or full Guide customization - see what’s best for you. By the way, theme installation is a free service!

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6. Set up reports and analytics

Analyzing your team performance is crucial for constant business improvement. We’ll help you optimally link Zendesk analytics so that you get the most benefit out of your performance reports.

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7. Bringing Zendesk products together

Integrate the missing data from other Zendesk products into your Support instance to access the complete info you have on each client. Our team will make sure that each link was correctly established.

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8. External integrations

There’s always room for improvement. And sometimes standard Zendesk opportunities are not enough for constant service improvement. There’s where integrations and custom apps come into play. Select a ready-made integration or request a design of a brand new function, and our devs will make it done.

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9. Agent and admin training

Is your Zendesk instance fully prepared for providing fantastic customer service? Great! Now, it’s high time to get your staff ready to use Zendesk benefits to the fullest. Regardless of the level of experience with Zendesk product, we’ll facilitate your employees’ skills. Sales, support, and admin training - just pick what’s your necessity at the moment.

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We love Zendesk Help Center and have been using it ourselves to deliver the best possible quality. That is why we refuse to create other help centers or develop websites as Zendesk is where our heart is. We put all our energy into the platform and want to make sure that our themes are the best ones in the block.

Why choose GrowthDot?

Responsive Themes

All of our Zendesk Help Center themes will work on practically all devices.

Multi-lingual Support

Localize your content to reach customers across the world to deliver unified customer service.

Layouts For Everyone

Make your corporate style shine the most with our unique designs and layouts.

Support For All Functions

We know the ins and outs of Zendesk, meaning that our themes support even the smallest features.

All Browsers Supported

Whether it's Firefox, Chrome, IE11, or Safari and Edge, our themes will display correctly on every single one of them.

Without Risks

We take good care of our customers and ensure that you have absolutely zero reasons to worry about.

Highest Quality Code

We don't like spaghetti code, hence why all of our themes have a clean and easy-to-read code. With us, you will have zero trouble adding extra features.

Amazing Icons Bundled

Every theme comes with a set of icons (more than 600 of them) that you can use straight out of the box. Free of charge, forever.

Extra Components

Our themes can be easily modified, thanks to included visual components. Make your page stand tall!

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