Proactive Campaigns
for the Manufacturing Industry

Follow your email marketing strategies and deliver the best support from one spot

Many factories and other industrial companies ignore such marketing channels as mass email campaigns. They usually rely on the quality of the product itself as the most effective way of promotion. Partly it's true. However, competitors always find new ways for self-promotion, and email marketing is one of the best. It is cheap and result-driven if you follow specific rules and find a suitable integration for your customer support platform. The tool you are using also makes sense.

Proactive Campaigns is always a great idea if you are Zendesk Suppport user. It saves your costs which are aimed at your development, and helps to integrate marketing into support. Differentiate your clients by creating a user list based on specific criteria and sending bulk campaigns.

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Proactive Campaigns for the Manufacturing Industry

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Use cases of Proactive Campaigns for Manufacturing Industry

Stay closer to the customer

Stay closer to the customer

Every manufacturer has similar goals: to sell more products for a reduced price and high quality. Usually, they care less about marketing, but in vain. If you are using Zendesk for customer support, you just need to add a small touch to your helpdesk and try Proactive Campaigns. Furthermore, you can remove the retailer chain and reduce the price of your products.

Sounds nice. However, handling email marketing can be a challenge. No worries! Proactive Campaigns is handy here, as your support agents can quickly launch marketing campaigns. You can inform your clients about the product release, discounts or sales, upcoming events, industry news, and many more. First, compile customer lists and create an appealing email body. Then schedule the campaign or start immediately. Finally, follow replies inside Zendesk by tag and increase sales.

Hear the voice of a real customers

The central part of your activity is B2B commerce. However, only some retailers are interested in collecting reviews from end-users. Also, the retailer can only deliver an unbiased insight if they are in the same boat as you. By the way, negative reviews are often more valuable since they show new ways of product development, so Proactive Campaigns can be a good method to collect reviews. You can do everything from Zendesk. All you need to do is to switch the "review" or "rate" toggle.

Hear the voice of a real customers

Automated marketing and customer service are seamlessly integrated with Proactive Campaigns

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Email campaigns can be sent natively from Zendesk
Monitor customer responses and create follow-up campaigns
Import users from CSV files
Multi-formatting options, customer experience metrics (CSAT), and more

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