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You already know about all Zendesk's advantages for media and entertainment industry. However, you can also visit a Zendesk marketplace. Then download apps to arrange out-of-the-box customer support, and add some extra features to the helpdesk. For instance, our Email Tracking app can be helpful, especially when it comes to email marketing. Email Tracking for Zendesk is a powerful add-on for tracking email opens and link following.

Email Tracking is the must-have for email campaigns to reach your customers. Track email opens, and see the exact time of this action to plan your future activities. Moreover, Email Tracking's statistics page will show you agents' performance. So the correlation between support rep activity and email opens can be an indicator of your teamwork.

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Use cases of Email Tracking for media and entertainment

Planning lessons

Create engaging content

We know that newsletters and announcements are the lion's part of your email marketing. But sometimes, you may face a situation when you may not know what kind of information responds best to your clients. Email tracking demonstrates your audience's interest by showing how many people opened your daily newsletter! In addition, read receipts provide a complete view of email activity in Zendesk, so your customer support reps can easily retarget audiences.

Track the link following to prioritize your traffic channel

Of course, It is easy to see the share of email traffic driven to your website with GA (Google Analytics). However, this option is primarily available for marketers; usually, agents have no time to figure out how analytics work. Email Tracking is an excellent solution for them to avoid going back and forth between GA tabs. They can get basic analytics in their Zendesk profile. See if your email body content encourages link following by your clients or leads, as the app also provides reports for link tracking.

Inform your students
Inform your students

Your email will reach the destination for sure

Unfortunately, many emails are getting lost in a promo or spam folders. As you know, it is an unpleasant issue, especially if it is transactional or confirmation emails. But it's not a big deal anymore if you have Email tracking installed. You can guess something wrong if there's no read receipt containing your active clients' information. Consequently, you can duplicate the email or try other channels to deliver critical information.

Email Tracking is a simple and great way to keep track of receivers' activity

Top Features of Email Tracking for Zendesk

Use link tracking to discover who is more active
Be aware of the exact time and date of the email opening
Adjustments can be made in a variety of ways. The app allows you to track specific users, create Seen/Unseen views, enable/disable private notes, and more

What are our benefits?

We guarantee seamless integration between Email Tracking and Zendesk Support
No data losses and complete privacy
Reasonable price with discounts for annual subscriptions
Responsive support team
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