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Financial institutions have always been compliant with the highest standards of data protection. Also, a strict risk management framework guaranteed that privacy and data protection were safe. Nevertheless, dealing with tons of users’ data can be a challenge, so financial institutions must keep abreast regarding GDPR Compliance.

Organizations operating in the EU market from non-EU countries must understand all the regulatory provisions and how GDPR impacts their operations. However, every enterprise has a goal to decrease non-operating expenses and save time, so quick data processing inside your Zendesk using the GDPR Compliance app is a workaround. Try GDPR Compliance if you are using Zendesk for customer support. See the use cases below to understand how it works.

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GDPR for the Financial Industry

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Use cases of GDPR Compliance for the Financial Industry

implify data deletion

Simplify data deletion

We know your co-workers are not excited about the long and tedious data deletion process inside Zendesk instance. Finding and marking all those thousands of contact can take hours of precious time that could be used for better customer service. With GDPR Complinace, you can sort out contacts, tickets, and even organizations to create an accurate deletion or anonymization list. And when you are done, launch data treatment with only a few clicks or set automations for regular automatical processing. Moreover, you can combine two lists to exclude or intersect contacts.

Also, GDPR Compliance can be adjusted to fit your needs regarding the necessary data to treat. Besides, the support admin can manage access for other agents, confirm processing requests, and many more.

Easily anonymize credit card and phone numbers

The Financial Industry can handle tons of sensitive data such as credit card and telephone numbers and personal information. Sometimes there’s a demand to anonymize this information without deleting other data needed for statistical purposes. Zendesk misses telephone number anonymizing and offers incomplete forgetting, unlike the GDPR Compliance app. So if you are looking for complete data depersonalizing, then GDPR Compliance for Zendesk is exactly what you need.

Easily anonymize credit card and phone numbers

Protect users’ information and money with the GDPR Compliance app for Zendesk

The most valuable features of the app are listed below

Bulk deletion, anonymization of users’ data
Data retrieving and CSV import
Automated and scheduled treatment
Adjustable settings

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