GDPR Compliance
for Manufacturing Industry

Keep your customers' and partners' data in order

During the last decade, manufacturing businesses turned from mass production to customization. As long as customer needs became a priority, manufacturers started to collect and store more and more customer data to discover customer needs changes. However, any company with employees, suppliers, or customers in Europe must comply with the GDPR to avoid penalties.

GrowDot released a solution for any company that uses Zendesk Support. GDPR Compliance app will help you to easily handle the data of your customers, suppliers, vendors, or sub-contractors. Read the use cases below to learn more about the app's benefits for manufacturers.

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GDPR for the Manufacturing Industry

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Use cases of Zendesk GDPR Compliance app for the Manufacturing Industry

Quickly deal with GDPR requests coming from your consumers and suppliers

Quickly deal with GDPR requests coming from your consumers and suppliers

Every manufacturing company tries to retain and use consumers' data to know their preferences and produce goods according to their demands. However, those data should be deleted in time as you risk paying extremely high penalties. With the GDPR Compliance app for Zendesk, you can figure out data handling quickly. Set conditions to sort out the target list and start processing or set automations to do it regularly. Besides, you can easily track the performance of each agent and grant different access types directly from the app.

Build trust with your customers and partners

Your reputation can be harmed if your customers discover that you are using their data without their consent. With GDPR Compliance for Zendesk, you can process every request about users' data directly from the ticket and the Apps section. Moreover, you can do it immediately and leave data only for statistical purposes, so there's no need to search for them in a vast Zendesk list. Also, you can sort this and any other users by the specific criteria to process the whole list. In addition, GDPR Compliance allows you to import the CSV for even more accurate data treatment.

Build trust with your customers and partners

Protect users' information and money with the GDPR Compliance app for Zendesk

The most valuable features of the app are listed below

Data deletion and anonymization in bulk
Importing CSV files and retrieving data
Scheduled and automated treatment
Adaptable settings

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