GDPR Compliance app
for the Education Industry

Follow the highest educational and privacy standards with GDPR Compliance for Zendesk

Schools, online educational platforms, or universities usually keep a vast amount of personal data, so they have a higher liability for the data they store. Thus, any action that differs from standard school procedures requires full consent - primarily when third parties handle data.

If your online school uses Zendesk Support platform, you should have no concerns about how clients’ data is processed. That’s because GDPR Compliance for Zendesk radically simplifies data deletion, anonymizing, and retrieval. Therefore admin or agent with specific rights can easily handle thousands of tickets in a few clicks.

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GDPR Compliance for the Education Industry

All these schools have left in the past long and tedious data deletion in Zendesk. You can do the same!

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Use cases of GDPR Compliance for the Educational Industry

Reliable processing for sensitive children's data

Reliable processing for sensitive children's data

Complying with GDPR is extremely important for schools and colleges as they operate sensitive children's data. Besides, they are under the close supervision of regulatory authorities and are accounted for the collected data.

Your school or college can concentrate on quality education only, as with GDPR Compliance, you do not need to mark each user and spend a ton of time in Zendesk Adimin to delete the user. Besides, you can anonymize any personal data about the student and save general information for reports.

A low budget is not an obstacle to being compliant

No need to hire a professional data protection team or even a single person, as any agent with admin rights can deal with it. With GDPR compliance for Zendesk you just need to perform a few steps. First, create target user or ticket processing lists sorted out by specific conditions. Then, select the process. Finally, wait for some time and check the result by the following specific tag.

Moreover, the app can do everything automatically regularly. Reduce human interaction by selecting the process type and list name and setting the rule with data treatment frequency and time.

A low budget is not an obstacle to being compliant
Treat requested data instantly

Treat requested data instantly

Every person can request immediate data deletion according to GDPR legislation. In that case, you must do it ahead of the terms. Even if dozens of users request data deletion simultaneously, it is possible to sort them out with the GDPR list tool and reduce manual work as much as possible. It's especially relevant for commercial education and platforms where the learning course is short.

Concentrate your efforts on teaching only. The GrowthDot guarantees your GDPR Compliance

Killer features of the GDPR Compliance app

Bulk deletion, anonymization of any data
Data retrieving
CSV import
Automated and scheduled processing
Highly adjustable due to your needs

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