Zendesk Services

Zendesk Support

Services for creating the solid pillar on which your customer support stands. That means we’ll provide full assistance with Zendesk support implementation to match your requirements, including consulting, app integration, and much more.

Zendesk Guide

Self-service can significantly unload your staff if it is well structured and intuitive. GrowthDot team can help you build an appealing and concise environment where customers will stay for a while and find what they are looking for.

Zendesk Chat

Chat is a widget the presence of which can show real customer care if the message goes to the right support rep. Ask our managers to help you customize, set up routing and automations, or train your employees. Also, see how else you can improve your chatting.

Zendesk Talk

Get ready to voice communication with our help as there are still many people who prefer live talks to text messaging. All you need to do is to be friendly. Anything else, including organizing and call management setup, is our work.

Zendesk Explore

Direct all data from any Zendesk platform to one unified dashboard or create separate views for each one. In our turn, we can help to craft your timely and unique reporting without any stress and configure datasets.

Zendesk Sell

Data that concerns sales are pretty sensitive as it directly brings costs to your business. Your sales CRM should be completely configured so that nothing can’t stop you from getting the highest profit. Entrust your sales organization to us if you have troubles with setting up.

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