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Email Tracking can make a positive change in the manufacturing cycle

More than ten years ago Manufacturing Industry was different. That's because goods production was the main activity, and products pass through a long and complicated chain of delivery and distribution companies. However, Manufacturing Industry faced a lot of challenges during those years. Lowering prices and increasing quality became the main priority during increasing competitiveness, price growth of raw materials, etc.

Consequently, manufacturing plants became closer to the customer as most of them reduced the number of distribution partners. Also, many became both producers and sellers, so customer support tightly integrated with those businesses. Therefore, Zendesk delivers a unique possibility to communicate directly with consumers. By the way, Email Tracking for Zendesk will help you to interact with customers and track their activity. It is worth trying.

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Use cases of Email Tracking for Manufacturing Industry

Improve the quality of your product with Email Tracking

Improve the quality of your product with Email Tracking

Customer feedback can make a huge impact on your manufacturing process. So, quality surveys sent via Zendesk can be valuable information and give your clients insights about the specific product. That will help you to improve the quality to fit your customers' needs. But your email campaigns should be successful and have low bounce rates to achieve this.

Email Tracking sends read receipts to your Zendesk system, so you can see who and when opened your emails and how many times they did so. Besides, the Statistics page displays the whole performance, so you can see how engaged your consumers were by analyzing Opened average rate, Average bounce rate, and Average time from sent to open. All this information will be useful to rebuild your future email campaigns, increase open rates and collect more and more consumer reviews. More reviews mean more changes and the possibility to take the most out of your manufacturing.

Boost the effectiveness of your promotional emails, determine the next product release, and reply rapidly

The same goes for promotional emails, as you can inform your clients about the product release, discounts or sales, upcoming events, industry news, and many more. In addition, Email Tracking will help you to define what email campaigns are the most effective and which have performed in the worst way. Also, you can get info about the most engaged followers of your newsletter within just one platform - Zendesk.

Customers send you emails daily with questions, suggestions, or even problems. With Email Tracking, your agents can quickly reply to consumers without delays and see the best time for sending follow-ups. Also, you do not need to guess if your client opened the email.

Besides, you can check who is the best performer in email marketing. How? Everything is shown on the Reports page. You just need to set exact preferences and see the chart and indexes to see the results.

Boost the effectiveness of your promotional emails

Generate the biggest competitive advantages together with Email Tracking and Zendesk

Email Tracking’s killer features

Track the most active link followers using the link tracking option.
Make sure you know when each email was opened.
On the settings page, you can turn off tracking specific users, create Seen/Unseen views in Zendesk, enable or disable private notes, and much more.
Customer support and email marketing activity are easily tracked through the statistics page.

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