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Suggesting colors, sizes, product types, and promoting products are daily activities that your shop performs day by day. But, Zendesk Support organizes this disordered request flow into a clear mechanism. However, have you ever felt that you need one more little screw in it? For example, Email Tracking for Zendesk.

One simple email tracking tool can send you a read receipt with the exact time when the email was opened and improve your sales and support activity. With its help, you can direct your support to those who have seen your reply and you can speed up responses. Moreover, boost up your marketing, differentiate your target audiences, and see who is the most active and engaged.

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Email Tracking for retail

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Use cases of Email Tracking for the retail enterprises

Follow your sales strategy

Follow your sales strategy consistently using Email Tracking

It works simply. You receive a read receipt and know if your potential customer opened the email. Then, you create a different email marketing strategy depending on customers’ activity or follow the next sales stage for those who replied.

Also, you can compose emails with URLs inside to force sales and grab more visitors to your website. As you know, it’s much easier to sell the product to those familiar with it, especially if they open the link from your letter.

Reach those who ignored your email and clean up contacts

Email Tracking shows you a percentage of bounced emails so it is easy to analyze the campaign and interest the audience in another way (special offers, discounts, etc.). Also, delete inactive contacts to clean up your contact lists.

Check out how many recipients opened
Define the most convenient channel to inform about issues or updates

Define the most convenient channel to inform about issues or updates

If the open email rate shown by Email Tracking is low, find another channel to inform your clients about server outages, updates, technical problems on the websites, etc.

Zendesk Email Tracking will transform your support

Killer Features of Email Tracking for Zendesk

Link tracking is the top feature to find out who clicked on the link.
View email notifications to see when the email was opened and when to respond.
A variety of adjustments are available. It is possible to track specific users, create Seen/Unseen views for Zendesk, enable/disable private notes, and more.

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