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If you would like the colors to match your brand guidelines, please request the Branding service. Want some major changes to the theme? Then Customization is just right for you.

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Aarhus Theme for Zendesk Guide

About the Theme

Designed internally by our specialists, Aarhus is a custom Zendesk theme that is based on the standard characteristics of our template. It takes into consideration all Zendesk features and details.

These include the always visible header, Sidebar Navigation, categories with customizable icons, Prev Next buttons that help users forward to the next or previous page.

One important aspect of the theme we provide is the fact that it includes custom links in the footer. You can use them to link to your social accounts and other resources.

Besides, Aarhus is a complete product, meaning that you will not have to pay extra for customization as everything is accounted for.

Whether its additional branding or a slight change to certain elements, you are free to do so due to it being quite modular in nature.

Aarhus theme on different devices

Accessible on All Devices

Another defining feature of the Aarhus theme (in fact, all of our themes) is that it will work on just about any device. It was built from the ground up to support a wide range of display technologies, as well as different sizes. Our theme is a one-size-fits-all solution and it will work on all browsers.

This cross-compatibility is possible thanks to our rigorous testing framework. Whether you are using IE11 or Chrome or Safari, our theme will display equally the same on all browsers. And it's not just browsers, if you look at it on a smartphone or a desktop, you will be greeted with an appropriate layout.

Extra Formatting Elements

We made sure that our themes aren’t just visual makeovers. Our experts made sure that they have a few extra features as well. Aarhus is equipped with extra formatting components that you can use to make your articles more visually appealing.

And it’s not just about the looks, you can make your information more visible and readable. By using our themes, you aren’t limited to just stock features nor do you have to install extra plugins to get new functionality. You just use our themes and take advantage of the added benefits.

Aarhus theme features

Preview of Aarhus

All pages are redesigned to provide a unique user experience

Aarhus Samples

Different styles and colors in Aarhus

Health & Beauty
Real estate

Aarhus Theme is Easy to Work With


All of our themes come with tools to perform basic changes such as changing colors, hero images, fonts, icons, homepage layouts. And the best part of it, you don’t need any coding skills to do it as everything can be performed in the editor.

In case of branding is not your thing, you can always order Branding service from us. We will get your ideas up and running in no time!


We want you to have a hassle-free experience, hence why all of our themes come bundled with a free installation service.

No need to wrestle your system when you can delegate everything to us.

Oh, and if you like to take things into your hands, you can follow this mini-tutorial over here.


One of the most important things in any software product is a clean, easy to customize code. In case you know your way around HTML and/or CSS, you can make Aarhus even more personalized.

And in case you don’t want to bother with edits and scripts and whatnot, you can opt for our Customization service.


Instant Access

You will receive the import file in just 3-5 minutes after purchasing the theme. It’s ready to download and install right away, and you can customize it if you wish to.

Complete Zendesk Compatibility

Being a Zendesk partner means that we make sure that each and every corner of our theme supports all Zendesk functions. Aarhus takes full advantage of the platform and covers even the most insignificant parts of the site.

Demo For Everyone

One of the best things about the Aarhus theme is that you can preview kit using our live demo tool. With it, you can test and see how certain elements work, as well as you will be able to learn whether it will work in your scenario.

Crystal Clear Codebase

Bugs, errors, crashes, and abnormal behavior begone. Our themes are tested multiple times before they are released. Straight out of the box, you will have absolutely zero issues using Aarhus as it’s not only tested but has a nice and tidy codebase.

Awesome Icons Included

We bundled Aarhus with a unique set of icons (more than 700 included) from Font Awesome. Use them to spice up your homepage, articles, and even profiles.

DIY Branding

Advanced branding options are all about our themes. Aarhus is not limited to default Zendesk options. You have access to a wide array of branding features which you can do yourself or buy from us.

Installation Included

Whether you don’t have time to deal with installations or simply don’t understand how to do it correctly, you can always opt for our free installation service.

Multi-lingual Content

Using Dynamic Content, you can set the title, buttons and other elements to be shown in multiple languages. Make your help center accessible for users all around the world.

Support For Extensions

In case you want even more customization options or maybe some extra features, you are in luck. Aarhus is fully compatible with all kinds of extensions.

Learn About Other Features

Responsive Themes

All of our Zendesk Help Center themes will work on practically all devices.

Multi-lingual Support

Localize your content to reach customers across the world to deliver unified customer service.

Layouts For Everyone

Make your corporate style shine the most with our unique designs and layouts.

Why We Are Different

Trusted by Zendesk themselves, we serve companies from across the globe, including the US and EU.

Support For All Functions

We know the ins and outs of Zendesk, meaning that our themes support even the smallest features.

All Browsers Supported

Whether it's Firefox, Chrome, IE11, or Safari and Edge, our themes will display correctly on every single one of them.

Without Risks

We take good care of our customers and ensure that you have absolutely zero reasons to worry about.

Compare Us

You can stack up against us anyone you want to see what makes us different and why working with us so beneficial.

Highest Quality Code

We don't like spaghetti code, hence why all of our themes have a clean and easy to read code. With us, you will have zero trouble adding extra features.

Amazing Icons Bundled

Every theme comes with a set of icons (more than 600 of them) that you can use straight out of the box. Free of charge, forever.

Extra Components

Our themes can be easily modified, thanks to included visual components. Make your page stand tall!

Custom Themes Vs. Standard Themes

Added formatting components, improved readability, unique layouts, customization options, and so much more!

Services for Zendesk Guide

Theme Installation

Give your time and attention to what matters - your customers - while we install the theme for you.

Theme Branding

Get some quick edits done to your theme. Change the colors, logo, and other features to meet branding guidelines.

Theme Customization

Want to realize an exciting idea? Do it by ordering a customization service. You can request to change any elements and layout of the article pages.

Email branding

Make your support emails stand out with a custom email design. Change the colors, put custom text, and make many other tweaks.

Extended support

Whenever you need to redesign your theme, add new elements or enhancements, we'll be there to help you out.

Copenhagen upgrade

Add any tweaks to the default Zendesk theme to make it look and feel more like your brand.

Multibrand license

Pay once, install multiple times. Why pay for the same item for various brands when you can save money with a license?

Service You Will Enjoy

We enjoy making themes, and we love Zendesk. Our mission is to make our customers happy!

Ready to uncover the potential of your Zendesk Guide with Aarhus theme?

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