GDPR Compliance
for the Healthcare Industry

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GDPR Compliance law covers customer data of every EU citizen wherever they were gathered. So your USA-based private hospital or a small test laboratory can assume no need to apply GDPR rules. However, if you have patients from Europe, it is necessary to comply with GDPR mandates. You may think about hiring a specific person or even a team for data processing. However, there's no need for it if you are a Zendesk user. Just download a GDPR Compliance app for Zendesk and entrust all these things to the support agent.

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GDPR for the Healthcare Industry

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Use cases of GDPR Compliance for Zendesk

Process sensitive data concerning human health

Process sensitive data concerning human health

Personal data is valuable, however, additional information about human health is a tidbit for scammers and hackers. For example, patients' state of health together with their contact information can be used in manipulations and tricks. Consequently the best way to protect user's data is to delete it in time and according to GDPR rules. With the GDPR Compliance app, you can quickly determine the type of deleted or anonymized information, create a target list by specific conditions, and set automations. All of this will help you treat data accurately and fast.

Save budget and time

As you know, Zendesk offers incomplete anonymizing and a tedious deletion process. You or your agents can spend hours marking and deleting needed data that can't be sorted out somehow. Buying GDPR Compliance, you pay only for the app per month, so the demand for hiring additional employees vanishes automatically as each agent saves some time from day to day. Choose the responsible support rep, set up a regular automated process, and spend a few minutes instead of 3 hours deleting or anonymizing personal data.

Save budget and time

Zendesk GDPR Compliance ensures the safety of patients' data

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Bulk deletion, anonymization of any data
Data retrieving and CSV import
Automated and scheduled treatment
Variable options

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