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Banking is a complex business, so you need more time to plan and run multiple email campaigns. That’s because customer support turns mostly around solving issues of the people who are just creating a bank account to receive a salary. They are usually unaware of your other services or reasonable offers from banks or financial organizations. So, such communication channel as email can be a lifesaver as your clients usually hate calls or SMS notifications from banks, insurance etc.

Email Tracking for Zendesk is a tool that will boost up emailing in your company. It was made for measuring email engagement and improving communications. The app sends read receipts directly to your Zendesk that show whether your client opened the email, how many times, and the device they used. Also, it tracks the links that are followed within the email you’ve sent.

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Use cases of Email Tracking for financial institutions

Check out how many recipients opened

Email Tracking for raising additional funds

Email campaigns are usually the best way to be unobtrusive and reach your potential client, especially when you offer beneficial loans, services, or other attractive upcoming cooperations via Zendesk platform. So, Email Tracking is a must if you need to see who is interested in your proposition.

Everything is easy. You receive an email notification in Zendesk ticket and know when your potential customers opened the email and how many times they did it. Then you can use this information to differentiate the list of active prospects, send them other follow-ups, or change communication channels. For example, calls are not so annoying to someone who already knows about your offers as they opened the email. Agree? Thus, email marketing and tracking help you turn prospects into customers soon.

Metrics That Matter

The statistics page in Email tracking is the most simple way to know how many of your emails are read, the bounce rate, and who is the best at reaching out to customers. You can select the time and date, specific agent, or group of agents and check out their performance. Define who is more successful by analyzing such metrics as:

  • Opened average rate
  • Average bounce rate
  • Average time from sent to open

With Email Tracking you can choose the most productive agents in their customer service approach and implement the best practices for the whole team.


Offer financial services only for the target audiences and avoid wasting time with Email tracking for Zendesk

Top Features of Email Tracking for Zendesk

Track link activity to find out who followed your website.
Make sure you know whether your email was opened or not.
This app lets you adjust settings and track specific users, create Seen/Unseen views, enable/disable private notes, and more.
The statistics page is a reliable source of information about email marketing and customer support activity.

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