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Know if your students opened your Zendesk emails

Keeping up to date is essential for the education industry as it graduates students over time. Everyone knows that quality is in the first place, as education is also a service in demand at all times. But support is also crucial when it comes to organizing the educational process.

GrowthDot offers great software for a reasonable price If your online school, university or educational platform uses Zendesk for support. With Email Tracking for Zendesk, you do not need to send an email once and once again. Just check who is informed about events, classes, webinars, etc.

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Email Tracking for education

These educational platforms and academies are using Email Tracking now to improve customer outreach and track the email destination

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Use cases of Email Tracking for the educational industry

Planning lessons

Planning lessons or courses based on received read receipts

With Email Tracking, you can get a read recept with the accurate time of email opening. Consequently, compare the quantity of those who read the email with those who registered for the course. It helps to get a better understanding of the effectiveness of your marketing and pricing strategies.

Check out how many recipients opened the link and compare it to opened emails

Link tracking is a game changer and transforms Zendesk Support email tracking into a simple analytics tool. With its help, you can get a complete picture of your audience’s behavior.Your audience's behavior can be fully understood with its help. Get answers to the following questions:

  • How many students opened the email
  • How many of them followed the link?
  • What is the bounce rate?
Check out how many recipients opened
Inform your students

Inform your students about updates, discounts, or other events

Check email opens in Zendesk and see what and where to improve in future email campaigns to boost open rates. Drive more eyeballs to your emails and increase the number of participants attracted by newsletters, promos, and discounts.

Check the email statistics

Tracking emails and the link opens in Zendesk are just some of the core features of the Email Tracking app. It also shows advanced statistics to see who is more effective in educational support.


Change your support for the better with Email Tracking for Zendesk

Top Features of Email Tracking for Zendesk

Read receipts that show when the email was opened and see the best time for a reply.
The killer feature is link tracking to know who followed the link.
Wide range of adjustments. You can enable tracking for specific users, create Seen/unseen views for Zendesk, enable/disable private notes, and many more.

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