Proactive Campaigns
for the Education Industry

Get in touch with your students proactively anytime, at the press of a button

Times have changed, and now commercial universities and other educational institutions are becoming a part of a struggle for the best students, like stores competing for customers. However, retaining existing students is also a priority, as they can be the most loyal buyers of your upcoming courses. Proactive Campaigns for Zendesk can be handy for your university or educational hub to engage your students fully in the educational process.

The app is a quick and simple way to send mass email campaigns to your students or potential ones via Zendesk. Proactive Campaigns integrates seamlessly with your Zendesk and helps you extract the exact contact by one or several conditions. Then you can send follow-ups or even CSAT surveys.

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Proactive Campaigns for the Education Industry

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Use cases of Proactive Campaigns for educational institutions

Inform your students about upcoming events, schedules, or discounts

Inform your students about upcoming events, schedules, or discounts

All this mentioned in the heading is essential to mass mailing tools. However, Proactive Campaigns helps you to send follow-ups natively from Zendesk Support. Consequently, you do not need to hire an email marketer. Your support representative can do all jobs. It takes just a little time. It's simple: they can compile a customer, ticket, or organizational list filtered by specific criteria. Then, follow a few stages and finally send or schedule a campaign.

Everything is intuitive. All you need to do is to decide what information you need to deliver. It can be webinar invitations, course promotions, upcoming events, or schedule changes.

Collect feedback or rates about educational services

Students' feedback is an essential part of promoting your educational services. However, word of mouth is not enough if you need exact insights or suggestions from your students or the total relation between low and high rates. Here Proactive Campaigns can come in handy as you can easily gather feedback in mass. Moreover, the app shows illustrative charts and responses on one page.

But you probably need to figure out what to do with all that bulk-created tickets by Proactive Campaigns and their replies. No worries. The app provides ticket management and deletion after you run a campaign. Also, you can collect replies in existing tickets to reduce the ticket queue.

Collect feedback or rates about educational services
Transform leads into students

Transform leads into students

You have tickets from those who were interested in your services some time ago but haven't used them. With Proactive Campaigns, you can easily compile those contacts into lists by specific criteria (for example, custom field or other criteria) and send them promotional emails. Let your potential students always keep up with your latest news and service releases.

Also, Proactive Campaigns help you to create follow-up campaigns for those who didn't reply. There's a separate page where you can see replies from the previous campaign and launch follow-ups in a few clicks.

Make your educational institution the most popular place to study together with Zendesk Proactive Campaigns

Check out the most powerful features of the app

Send mass emails and follow-up campaigns directly from Zendesk to the target mailing list
Automatically track customers' responses both in the app and in the Zendesk instance by tag
Import users from CSV files
Handle CSAT surveys, enjoy multiple formatting options, and more

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