GDPR Compliance
for the Retail Industry

Building customer trust is easier with GDPR Compliance for Zendesk

If any of your customers are from Europe, you need to care about GDPR Compliance regardless your business is located somewhere else. GDPR violations can cause fee payments and ruin customer trust as they usually know more than you about their rights to their data. However, you can combine data treatment with customer support in Zendesk platform if you install GDPR Compliance from the marketplace.

GDPR Compliance is handy for retailers and e-commerce business owners since it helps to concentrate on sales only. With automated treatment, you can use crucial sales information as long as possible and delete it quickly and on time. As a result, your contact list will always be clean and updated.

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GDPR for the Retail Industry

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Use cases of GDPR Compliance for the Retail Industry

Build accurate marketing strategies and force sales

Build accurate marketing strategies and force sales

A business that wants to earn customer loyalty must be cautious about providing crucial information to the right audiences at the correct times. Your emailing list should constantly be updated and cleaned up of outdated contacts. Besides, users can send you requests about their data deletion. Once the user asks to withdraw their consent to information storage, you have 30 days to fulfill it. GDPR Compliance app will help you deal with it quickly in bulk and via Zendesk.

Keep strong customer relationships

Your customers' confidence increases when you collect only a small amount of valuable data. Vice versa, customers' trust decreases when you request a lot of low-value data. The same happens when customers receive emails long after they stop using your product and service. That will cause doubts about your GDPR compliance, and customer trust will decrease.

Besides, users' data can be the object of hacker attacks. Your data is precious if they can obtain more valuable information (such as names or phone numbers). So the more consumer data you store, the more attractive your database will be for hackers and scammers. GDPR Compliance for Zendesk is adjustable enough to help you delete or anonymize personal information (email, name), credit card and phone numbers, or even ticket body. Choose whatever you need to process today!

Keep strong customer relationships

Take over customers' trust with GDPR Compliance for Zendesk

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