Proactive Campaigns
for the Media and Entertainment

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Email marketing crushes other famous marketing channels when it comes to driving revenue. Sometimes it works better than paid ads for Media and Entertainment industry. However, finding the best email tool can be such a puzzle. But you can select Proactive Campaigns if you use Zendesk support for customer care.

Proactive Campaigns works in synergy with Zendesk and eliminates the need to import users from Zendesk to other bulk email apps. Besides, it is the most seamless Zendesk integration. Actually, it is part of Zendesk.

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Proactive Campaigns for the Media and Entertainment

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Use cases of Proactive Campaigns for the Media and Entertainment Industry

Your fans can always be at the cutting edge of your updates

Your fans can always be at the cutting edge of your updates

If you need your event to be on everyone's lips and create interest, you should also use an email marketing channel to reach as many people as possible. Proactive Campaigns for Zendesk can be handy as you can create a mailing list from your existing Zendesk contacts or upload a CSV file if you need to reach new contacts.

Besides, it takes a little time and can be performed by support reps. Proactive Campaigns has needed functionality and email formatting options to compile visually attractive emails. Upload images and HTML templates or use Reach text or Source code editor.

Grow a strong VIP audience

Everyone loves special treatment, and you can quickly get benefits from growing VIPs. Inform them about special offers, discounts, pre-sales, and club events to increase their loyalty or reward them. If the open rate is low, you can always use the app to send follow-ups automatically to those who didn't reply.

Besides, VIP clients are familiar with your services, so the VIP contact list is the best resource of collecting client feedback. It can be easily performed with Proactive Campaigns for Zendesk Support since the collection of feedback or rates functionality is available. Moreover, after receiving all feedback, you can see all replies and statistics on one page.

Grow a strong VIP audience

Proactive Campaigns brings marketing automation and customer service together

The app's most killer features

Send bulk email campaigns natively from Zendesk
Plan follow-up campaigns based on customer responses
Importing users from CSV files is possible
A range of options for multi-formatting, customer satisfaction metrics (CSAT), and more

Our strengths as a partner

An authorized Zendesk partner
Achieving the highest level of data security
The most functional Zendesk email tool
Responsive and friendly support
No extra charges for custom features
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