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Who we are?

We are a team of creative idea generators that consist of developers, managers, QAs and designers from Ukraine. We enjoy making customer support faster, better, and simpler with our apps, services, and themes. Besides, we know Zendesk from the inside out so we are sure our knowledge can be helpful for you.

Our goal is to enable companies to get their business processes at the highest level with our consulting and customization services or Zendesk applications. Join us during your amazing journey to go beyond standard Zendesk opportunities.


Our growth over time

This is a story of our development.

23rd November 2015

The foundation of GrowthDot - a growth hacking company for every business.

21st December 2018

We created our first-ever app for Zendesk - Proactive Campaigns. (Shhhh! It was ridiculously simple compared with today’s cool app)

17th of April 2019

Following the first plugin for Zendesk, we released the second one - GDPR Compliance.

6th of May 2019

Email Tracking was out as we finally built and were ready to release a great add-on for fetching the time of email opens.

3rd of June 2019

In less than a month, we released a video recording tool called Video Reply, and that wasn’t the last idea for a custom app development yet!

24th of September 2019

Started our journey as Zendesk Guide theme creator by building Aarhus. Yes, we decided to follow the example of Zendesk naming their own theme as a Danish city (we mean the Copenhagen theme).

28th of May 2020

Released CRM and Deals - the last custom-made plugin for Zendesk. But we already have some ideas for fresh applications.

9th of October 2020

Another minimalistic theme for Zendesk Guide was created and named after another Danish city - Odense.

21st of March 2022

New idea for our customer support reps turned into the new UpChat app for Zendesk Support and Chat synchronization.

11th of August 2022

GrowthDot enters the new ServiceNow platform with Email Tracking app.

26th of August 2022

A few weeks later GrowthDot rolled out a new Sanctions check app for Zendesk to check clients’ reliability.

23rd of November 2023

Proactive Campaigns app is on Jira from now.

13th of April 2023

Release of Proactive Campaigns for Intercom.

10th of July 2023

Our product manager came up with the idea of helping people with Zendesk cleanup after migration to another platform. That is how Purge My Zendesk appeared.

There’s so much waiting on us in the future. And we’d be happy to have you alongside and take your Zendesk to the next level.

GrowthDot team

GrowthDot team

We are proud to be involved in improving customer support worldwide. And you - our client is our greatest inspiration for us to work.

We are proud to be Ukrainians!

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