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Proactive customer support is the key to gaining more satisfied customers. And the best way to address your customers’ issues proactively is by using mass outbound emailing and follow-ups.

Proactive Campaigns for Zendesk enables you to easily segment customers into Zendesk customer lists and send mass email campaigns and in just one click. Besides, it is a great alternative to Zendesk Mailchimp.

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Simple customer segmentation

Choose specific criteria to filter the customer base

Spend hours on sharing the necessary updates with your customers no more! Just pick the criteria you like and create a list of customers to filter your contact database. Plus, you can choose one, two, or more criteria for the list.

Adding contacts list
Campaigns list

Proactive customer support tools

Bulk create tickets and send out mass email campaigns

As soon as you’ve created a customer list, you can design a personalized email campaign. Adjust the campaign to suit the target audience and run it in one click. The system will automatically start creating tickets on the customers’ behalf and sending email notifications. Moreover, there’s no need to activate additional settings or integrations to start using the features. With Proactive Campaigns, all these ready-to-use emailing tools are available right from your Zendesk - in just a few clicks!

Automation of the main support processes

Automatically track customer responses

As your customers receive and reply to the email campaign, Zendesk will automatically pick them up and organize them to suit the existing record structure perfectly. No chance of scattered or lost data!

Simple proactive tickets search

Enable automated ticket tagging

As Zendesk automatically collects customer responses and neatly organizes them in the system, it will also add relevant tags depending on the campaign the customer responded to. Another huge time-saver for your support team!

Ticket tagging
Import CSV file

Specify target audience

Choose a list or import a CSV file

Specify your target audience when creating Zendesk proactive tickets. Pick the mailing list with filtered contacts or tickets (created in the plugin beforehand). Or, import a file with the customer data into the plugin when creating a mass email campaign and proceed further with the process.

Email formatting

Design creative emails for any campaign

Want to be remembered for the proactive email campaigns you send? Add virtually any formatting to your email body with the Rich-text and Source code editors. Moreover, you can add even more visual tweaks to your email by uploading attachments up to 40 MB in size. Now, your mass updates and follow-ups can be as creative as you want - make your emails stand out with Zendesk Proactive Campaigns.

Email formatting
Ticket with Status

Every ticket status available

Create Zendesk tickets with any status or assignee you want

With Proactive Campaigns, Zendesk will automatically pick up the customer responses and raise tickets on their basis (what you already know). In your turn, choose specific agents, their groups, or brand to assign the ticket to. Any ticket status is available for setting up, too. What is more, send your proactive emails on behalf of any email address of your choice!

Contact list sharing

Distribute Zendesk mailing lists and campaigns

With Proactive Campaigns, you not only have an opportunity to share previously created customer lists but also transmit the already set campaigns in a few clicks. Once created, the contact list can be made public and, therefore, available to all the agents of your domain.

This means that the agents won’t need to adjust campaigns to suit the target audience all over again. The data is saved automatically, and no extra work has to be done.

Contact List Sharing

Backend running

Roll campaigns without your presence

Run the campaigns from our backend on request. It excludes all the limitations and allows keeping campaigns in progress with a closed browser and running a few of them simultaneously.

Campaign Schedule

Campaign schedule

Choose a specific time to run campaigns

This feature lets you focus on other things besides running the campaign itself. We allow users to set a specific time and date to start their follow-up campaign in advance. And the best thing is that you don’t have to monitor the process from the beginning to the end. All you need to do is check the result afterward.

Advanced statistics

Assess your Zendesk email marketing effectivity

Reporting should always accompany your support, sales, or marketing to drive results. That's why you can view the statistics for all your bulk email campaigns ever created within the app. Proactive Campaigns for Zendesk also allows to check the details for specific Zendesk campaigns, so don't hesitate to try our Zendesk email integration ASAP!


    Explore Proactive Campaigns before or after installation with a complete guide. Get a pdf file by completing the form and checking your email.

    No need to export data

    No hidden costs
    or extra fees

    Fits for all Zendesk
    pricing plans

    Easy to use and navigate

    High performance preserved

    Maintain the API limits of

    There are Zendesk apps or integrations that significantly influence the API limits and can decrease them, which can affect the performance of your Zendesk and other integrations.

    The availability and price of such applications are usually limited to the plan you’re using. Although, that’s not the case of Proactive Campaigns! The app doesn’t affect the API limits of Zendesk. Thus, it’s completely safe to set up and available with any Zendesk plan. Enjoy!

    Security first

    Proactive Campaigns cares about data safety

    Your data is absolutely safe when using Zendesk Proactive Campaigns. Yes, you just install it to your primary Zendesk account as an add-on and use it directly from your profile. Campaigns and all the other kinds of app activities are run and tracked in your browser.

    And our app doesn’t provide any link to external sources. So, via Proactive Campaigns, we have no access to your Zendesk and customer data, as well as API and other security keys. Your data is completely safe - it’s a fact.

    Expand your Zendesk opportunities and get the best alternative to Zendesk Mailchimp integration

    Proactive Campaigns

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    • Up to 1000 emails per campaign
    • Run mass follow-ups offline
    • Run as many campaigns as you need
    • Share contact lists and campaigns
    • Import CSV files with users
    • Check the statistics
    • Schedule campaigns or set up triggers
    • Assign bulk tickets to groups, agents, or brands
    • Choose the brand to be assigned to the tickets created during the email campaign
    • Choose the address to send the emails from
    • Upload attachments to your campaign email templates
    • Add special formatting in the text editor
    per agent, per month
    per agent, per month
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    • Everything in Lite
    • Unlimited emails and campaigns
    • Customer experience metrics (CSAT)

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