Why Are We Different

We are proficient Zendesk Guide users and we want to help you use it.
We do not write sloppy code just to get more clients, we strive to deliver high quality.
Hence why all of our themes are works of art.

Official Zendesk Partner

We are an officially recognized company by the vendor. Thanks to our profound knowledge of the Zendesks functionality suite, architecture, and system requirements, we gained the status of an official Zendesk partner, meaning that we can deliver high-quality outcomes at all times. You can rest assured knowing that your theme is in good hands and will support all Zendesk features. Even the tiniest ones.

Perfect Results Is A Must For Us

Our quality assurance team makes sure that you get the best possible products at all times. We are not aiming to sell as much as possible nor do we want to create as many themes as possible. Quality over quantity is in our DNA. Hence why we are 100% sure that all of our themes are fully functional and support every nook and cranny of Zendesk.

Transparent Pricing System

You don’t have to worry that your expenses will increase over time. We provide a fix price policy for all of our themes. You pay once and forget about the rest. There are no hidden fees nor there are any indispensable parts that you have to pay for. Our themes include a host of features, including stuff like addition formatting options, content management, etc.

Risk Protection At All Times

We do not rely on notes from clients and work directly with you. Our specialist will put down all your goals and details and then proceed to work. Once done, you will be able to test all the features on your own. Only when you test everything and verify yourself that the theme works as intended, we will finish the work.

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