GDPR Compliance
for Media and Entertainment Industry

Keep your customers entertained and secured simultaneously with GDPR Compliance for Zendesk!

Media and entertainment companies have many hidden risks to avoid as their interaction with a customer is quite frequent. From newsletters and cold calling to displaying paid ads, sales, and marketing teams must be very careful when launching any campaign.

To avoid data breaches and high penalties, the special department must provide data protection and delete customers' data in a timely manner. But with the GDPR Compliance app for Zendesk every support agent can deal with data protection in a few minutes per day. Therefore, you can easily mix customer support with data processing and save money and time.

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GDPR for the Media and Entertainment

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Use cases of GDPR Compliance for the Media and Entertainment Industry

Store only necessary data

Store only necessary data

Usually, media and entertainment industry customers need to share more user information. However, this data has a high value. According to GDPR Compliance rules, you must delete these data after a certain period, but this can take time. If you are a Zendesk user, you can easily combine customer support activity with data treatment. How does it work? Create users' tickets or organizational lists, sorting them by specific criteria. Then delete or anonymize those lists manually or automatically.

Automated processing means that you can schedule the process type, time, and frequency. Therefore it helps even to exclude human participation.

Create good relations with your customers

You can receive a customer's request about their data deletion anytime. In such cases, GDPR Compliance will help you to easily compile a list from those customers and start the data treatment process. By the way, you can also import a CSV file with the specific list and remove or anonymize users, tickets, and organizations from Zendesk. Also, you can combine different lists with each other. For example, combine user and organizational lists to remove users' data from specific organizations. Timely data deletion will increase customers' confidence and trust in your company.

Create good relations with your customers

Secure your customers' data with GDPR Сompliance app

Here is a list of the app's most valuable features

Bulk deletion, anonymization of users' data
Data retrieving and CSV import
Automated and scheduled treatment
Options that can be changed

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