Consumer protection

You risk absolutely nothing

All Themes Come With A Demo

We made sure that every theme comes with a demo-center that features real content and covers each function. That way you can test things beforehand and verify on your own that they, indeed, cover each aspect of Zendesk.

Effortless Setup

No need to wrestle HTML or CSS with our themes. Easily install all our themes to see how things work. And if you are unsure how to do it, we can help you out free of charge. Drop us a message in case you need help.

Clear prices

Learn about the price for all of our themes in the services catalog. All purchased themes come bundled with an installation guide for your Zendesk Help Center. And it doesn’t matter if you apply the theme to an old Help Center profile or to a new one. All of our themes will cost you exactly as stated in the catalog. No extra fees and commissions.


All of our themes come with a three-month warranty coverage and we are absolutely positive that you won’t encounter a mistake when using our templates. We test all of the products rigorously and once they pass QA, then go live. But in case you do manage to find an issue, we will immediately correct them.

Tested On All Modern Browsers

We made sure that each and every theme works on all modern browsers. Whether its Chrome or Safari, our themes will display correctly on all viewers. We can ensure full compatibility on Firefox, Safari, Opera as well. You can rest assured knowing that your customers will see the themes equally across all devices.

Secure Payment Process

From your cart to your Help Center, all of our transactions are secured and utilize the latest encryption standards. And to back up this claim we’d like to point your attention to the fact that we use 2checkout as our main payment processor. 2checkout employs the industry-standard Level 1 PCI technology and 256-bit SSL certificates. Your purchases are safe with us, at all times.

Clean Code Means Reduced Maintenance Costs

We know how hard it can be to maintain a theme if it is powered by spaghetti code. Hence why we always double-check each line of said code to make sure you have zero problems maintaining your new theme.

Instant Access To The Template

Time is of the essence, hence why we provide instant access to your purchased themes. As soon as our payment processor verifies a transaction, you can start the installation process. Typically, it takes one working day for our specialist to fully implement the new theme.

Learn About Other Features

Responsive Themes

All of our Zendesk Help Center themes will work on practically all devices.

Multi-lingual Support

Localize your content to reach customers across the world to deliver unified customer service.

Layouts For Everyone

Make your corporate style shine the most with our unique designs and layouts.

Why We Are Different

Trusted by Zendesk themselves, we serve companies from across the globe, including the US and EU.

Support For All Functions

We know the ins and outs of Zendesk, meaning that our themes support even the smallest features.

All Browsers Supported

Whether it's Firefox, Chrome, IE11, or Safari and Edge, our themes will display correctly on every single one of them.

Without Risks

We take good care of our customers and ensure that you have absolutely zero reasons to worry about.

Compare Us

You can stack up against us anyone you want to see what makes us different and why working with us so beneficial.

Highest Quality Code

We don't like spaghetti code, hence why all of our themes have a clean and easy to read code. With us, you will have zero trouble adding extra features.

Amazing Icons Bundled

Every theme comes with a set of icons (more than 600 of them) that you can use straight out of the box. Free of charge, forever.

Extra Components

Our themes can be easily modified, thanks to included visual components. Make your page stand tall!

Custom Themes Vs. Standard Themes

Added formatting components, improved readability, unique layouts, customization options, and so much more!

Services for Zendesk Guide

Theme Installation

Give your time and attention to what matters - your customers - while we install the theme for you.

Theme Branding

Get some quick edits done to your theme. Change the colors, logo, and other features to meet branding guidelines.

Theme Customization

Want to realize an exciting idea? Do it by ordering a customization service. You can request to change any elements and layout of the article pages.

Email branding

Make your support emails stand out with a custom email design. Change the colors, put custom text, and make many other tweaks.

Extended support

Whenever you need to redesign your theme, add new elements or enhancements, we'll be there to help you out.

Copenhagen upgrade

Add any tweaks to the default Zendesk theme to make it look and feel more like your brand.

Multibrand license

Pay once, install multiple times. Why pay for the same item for various brands when you can save money with a license?

Service You Will Enjoy

We enjoy making themes, and we love Zendesk. Our mission is to make our customers happy!

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