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How is your data processed by GrowthDot

Like all of the companies around the web, GrowthDot collects its customer data mainly to:

  • be able to provide its services
  • send follow-ups with updates and suggestions.

It's natural that users are concerned about the destiny of their private data, so we decided to answer all the questions regarding data processing in a short form.

In case you still need more detailed answers about your data privacy and security, feel free to specify it in our Privacy Policy, Security Policy, or Terms of Use.

Where do you store user data?

All the information we collect and retain is stored in the electronic data center which is located in Germany. However, our hosting provider, Hetzner Online, takes the highest measures to provide the physical safety of the hardware. Datacenter parks are under 24/7 surveillance and only authorized staff can access the database.

Do you transfer the user information to third-party services, other countries?

No. Our apps are just installable code modules that only interact with and extend Zendesk platform, and don't use services outside of Zendesk. The consulting services are also performed over a specific Zendesk subdomain, so there is no need to utilize any third-party software to provide our services.

Do you have a Data Processing Agreement?

We do not sell, trade, rent, or otherwise share your personal information with third parties, except where you specifically have told us to.

Since we don't process user data outside of Zendesk products, we do not have a Data Processing Agreement. However, we are completely open about where and how we collect and utilize your personal data. Just go to our Privacy of Security Policies to learn every detail about it.

Do you delete user data over a specific period of time?

The data collected about our customers is deleted after a request from a specific customer.  We are also GDPR and CCPA compliant, so if you are from regions controlled by these regulations, feel free to claim your right at any time.

Is the user data encrypted while at rest?

The data transferred to our electronic data center is encrypted by SSL protocol and ciphered. Moreover, the GrowthDot security team assures your private information is protected from any electronic, physical attacks, or natural disasters.

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