Proactive Campaigns
for the Retail Industry

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Can you imagine an online store without email marketing? We definitely can’t. Retailers send tons of emails with product promotions, order details, etc. Everybody knows about Mailchimp and other tools for sending mass email campaigns. But what if you need to import data from your Zendesk to a mass email tool or use their integrations that lack functionality? We suggest using Proactive Campaigns for Zendesk as it was created mainly for Zendesk. We can quickly state that it doesn’t integrate with Zendesk Support because it is already its part.

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Proactive Campaigns for the Retail Industry

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Use cases of Proactive Campaigns for Retail Industry

Make every client aware of your sales, discounts, and more

Make every client aware of your sales, discounts, and more

Easily promote awareness and interest in your products using Proactive Campaigns for Zendesk. You can compile a list of customers or those who contact you once by filtering your Zendesk contacts. Then create an eye-catching and engaging email body using various formatting options, choose any ticket status, and set the assignee. Finally, schedule a campaign or send it immediately.

After a while, you can check who hasn’t replied or even hasn’t seen the email (seen/unseen status is available together with the Email Tracking app). Set up parameters and send follow-ups. Proactive Campaigns will collect replies in existing or new tickets. Finally, you can delete all tickets in one click if you don’t need them.

Collect customer feedback and improve your service

Customer retention is also an integral part of your email marketing campaigns. With Zendesk and Proactive Campaigns, your support reps can quickly remind your customers that you appreciate their loyalty and offer them rewards for their recent purchases or a discount for regular customers. Also, the app fits for sending post-purchase emails with order information or helpful tips.

Customer feedback is also handy, especially if you are looking for improvement ideas or need to separate target audiences and increase their loyalty. Proactive Campaigns will bring together all replies and rates and introduce them most conveniently for you (tables or pie chart).

Collect customer feedback and improve your service

Let your store be more than a market. With Proactive Campaigns your clients will feel the best customer experience

Check out the most powerful features of the app

You can send mass emails and follow-up campaigns directly from Zendesk
By tagging customer responses, you will be able to track their responses in both the app and Zendesk
Users can be imported from CSV files
Multi-formatting options, CSAT surveys, and more

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