Select any app or take them all to attain a new level in customer support. Get a discount for an annual subscription. Install by yourself or ask our super-responsive agents for help to simplify your work and increase sales. Read the full description of each app to get a clear understanding of how it can improve your customer support.


Email tracking logo

Email Tracking

Price from 2$ per agent/month

Want to know the destiny of your emails to plan your marketing or sales campaign? It’s not a big deal with our app! Identify the time of ticket opening and check the best time for a reply. Also, set specific settings to meet your company’s demands and check who was the email marketing genius using reports.

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Proactive Campaigns

Price from 5$ per agent/month

Passing the info back and forth between Zendesk and Mailchimp or other providers can be exhausting. Save your time and energy by sending bulk emails directly from your Zendesk. Proactive Campaigns produces mass tickets automatically after you compile target lists and set needed parameters inside the app.

Gdpr compliance logo

GDPR Compliance

Price from 50$ per subdomain/month

If bulk ticket processing sounds impossible to you, then you have never used GDPR Compliance for Zendesk. It helps you to delete, anonymize and retrieve users’ data completely and quickly from several different places: ticket, contacts, or app itself.

Video reply logo

Video Reply

Price from 19$ per agent/month

Create video tutorials directly from Zendesk tickets without using any additional browser extensions. Also, send a video request to the receiver for capturing their screen without any installation. Show the visual answer instead of endless talking.

Crm logo

CRM and Deals

Price from 6$ per agent/month

The app can be a great alternative to Zendesk Sell if you are looking for an affordable sales CRM for your Zendesk. Create pipelines, check the current status of your deals, view reports to remove any obstacles on the way to successful sales.



Free plan is available

Create custom fields and move the information from Zendesk Chat to Support. Mark conversations, sales stages, or everything you want for agents' quick informing.

Sanctions check logo

Sanctions Check

Price from 159$ per agent/month

Ensure your partners' compliance with KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti-money laundering) standards. Check if the person or entity is under sanctions easily. If a check shows a mismatch, you will get detailed information about this and other related issues.


Email tracking logo

Email Tracking

Price from 2$ per agent/month

Ever wonder what time is best to send an email? With our app, you'll know exactly when your emails are most likely to be opened and responded to, so you can create your marketing or sales campaigns with confidence.


Email tracking logo

Email Tracking

Price from $20 per agent/month

Sending a reply to a customer at a precise time can make all the difference. With Email Tracking for ServiceNow, you get the exact time of email opening and the opportunity to personalize your messages.


Proactive Campaigns logo

Proactive Campaigns

Price from 5$ per agent/month

Proactive Campaigns for Jira Service Management lets you send out bulk campaigns to keep your customers informed about any upcoming events or technical issues. Compose and send as many of these campaigns as you need from one place in just a few clicks.


Dark mode logo

Dark Mode

Price from 2$ per month

A great solution for those who have irritated eyes or who are just trend lovers! Dark colors reduce the brightness of your screen and the negative influence on your sight. Besides, you can switch on the Nightshift option to remove blue light.

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