Business reports

Keep all your customer support metrics in one customizable dashboard

Display all your data based in one well-organized datawall to motivate your agents and keep them informed on the customer insights

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See the following performance indicators
in your personal customizable dashboard:

The number of incoming, resolved, and unresolved tickets per day, month, and more

Time your support reps spent on talking to customers and resolving the issue

The speed of the answer

Best support agents

Spent-earned ratio

Customer satisfaction rating

The number of complaints and requests that were answered to after the due time

and many more!

How can you track your customer support statistics?

Use GrowthDot to customize your Zendesk Support and Help Center and keep all the data and
insights about your customers and team success in one single dashboard. Save your efforts for support cases
that really require using manual work. Everything that can be done automatically should be so.
And it is possible with GrowthDot!

Discover the pleasure of self-customizable dashboard

It takes some time to customize all by yourself, however, the result is more than worth trying!

Connect data from a number of support channels you are currently using in one single dashboard

Create and share custom data insights into visualized tables, infographics, charts, etc., and assemble your full customized dashboard. Everything as you wish.

Share your data and insights with your agents, so they can see their performance for themselves.

Send additional files to your live dashboard

The Process of Integration

Investigation of your business requirements.

Step 1

Development of the integration map.

Step 2

The very process of Zendesk integration.

Step 3

Checking of the integration quality.

Step 4

Maintenance of your renewed system.

Step 5

Let us improve your Zendesk

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