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Zendesk custom reports for any business

Keep all your customer support metrics in one dashboard with Zendesk Explore

You get customer data via numerous channels, so that’s important to keep it well-organized. GrowthDot will help you customize your Zendesk Explore and translate the customer data into informative insights.

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See the following performance indicators
in your customizable dashboard:

The number of incoming, resolved, and unresolved tickets per day, month, or other periods

Time your support reps spent on ticket resolution

The speed of the answer

Best support agents

Spent-earned ratio

Customer satisfaction rating

The number of complaints and requests after the due time

and many more!

How to track your customer support effectively?

GrowthDot will configure your Zendesk Support, and Zendesk Explore to collect and keep
all the customer and team success data in a single dashboard.
We’ll make sure that you have direct access to accurate and in-depth insights
in your Zendesk Explore without the manual work.
Everything that can be done automatically should be so.

Discover the pleasure of personalized Zendesk reporting

It takes lots of time to customize all by yourself, so let the professionals do the work for you!

Connect data from a number of support channels in a single dashboard

Get custom data insights and turn them into visualized tables, infographics, charts, etc.

Share your data and insights with your agents

Send additional files to your live dashboard

The Process of Integration

Step 1. Investigating your business requirements

To make sure our solution fits your workflow, we’ll compose an exact list of your unique requirements.

Step 2. Developing a plan

With the precise list of requirements, we’ll develop a plan for building your Zendesk reporting & analytics structure.

Step 3. Configuring Zendesk Explore

After you approve our plan layout, we’ll configure all the necessary settings.

Step 4. Checking the reporting quality

Quality is the priority, so the next thing to do is make sure all your Zendesk reports are formed properly.

Step 5. Maintenance of the integrated system

At additional request, we’ll regularly check your Zendesk account at all pinpoints.

Analyze customer data effectively!

Implement Zendesk Explore in a way that will boost your customer support processes.

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