Zendesk Consulting and Training

Our team is rich with the experience in Zendesk customization, development, and integrations, so we will make sure to configure native and custom Zendesk integrations of any complexity for you.

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We propose a number of solutions based on Zendesk Support and Help Center.

Provide quality training and onboarding for your team

In customer support, it is extremely important to not only keep up with the highest quality but to astonish your clients regularly.

It means that your support team should always be ready for solving issues in as fast as possible keeping their productiveness at the high level at the same time.

That’s why we offer precise and effective trainings not only for your newly-comers but also for experienced support agents. There's always something new to learn!

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If you are new to Zendesk, it may be difficult to set up and use its Support and Help Center, even if you have an internal IT team.

Having great experience of work with Zendesk we can save loads of your precious time and help you to organize and customize everything as you wish.

Even those who are well acquainted with Zendesk user interface may not use its facilities to the full potential.

There’s always something to improve your customer experience and productiveness of your support team, so maybe it’s high time to use GrowthDot! We will surely deeply study your case and provide the best solutions for improving your customer service level.

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Other hidden facilities we help to reveal

Contact management

Manage your customer contacts in one Zendesk database and improve your clients’ experience with the help of their historical data.

Performance management

Monitor and organize your support team’s workflow, put goals for them and let them work more effectively.

Opportunity management

Follow your customer activities, receive detailed information on your competitors work, and discover how to make a bigger profit with this info, being guided by our consulting team experts.


Get more detailed reports with insights on your customers' satisfaction and agent productiveness. With the detailed customization and third-party apps integration of your Zendesk Support and Help Center, you will get even more invaluable data.

The best customer service tools are worthless

If you don't know how to use them.

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