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GrowthDot team is rich with the experience in Zendesk customization, development, and integrations, so we will make sure to configure native and custom Zendesk integrations of any complexity for you. We propose a number of solutions based on Zendesk Support and Help Center.

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How can Zendesk customization
help you and your business?

Manage Zendesk Support and Help Center facilities regarding your company’s requirements.

Increase the company’s income and make the number of loyal customers higher than ever.

Extend the facilities of one of the world’s most popular help desks in order to use them to the fullest.

GrowthDot can help you with:

Zendesk Support and Help Center customization

Our team of experienced engineers and designers will help you to create dashboard solutions which will be focused on the unique problems your business is facing.

Concentrating on the most important issues, you will be able to level-up your company’s productivity and unveil the full set of your business’ facilities.

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Saas and third-party applications customization

Enhance the standard kit of opportunities which Zendesk offers you and make them work together with the integration to benefit for you. Connect all the available tools together and be able to make smart business decisions based on precise data in one single effective system.

Why trust GrowthDot?

As Zendesk official partners, we are experts in its functionality and key features, so we offer our customers
the most advanced solutions for possible workflow optimization in a short period of time.
Service implementation couldn’t have been more seamless and qualitative.

Our pricing is maximally clear and requires no hidden extra expenses after your implementation.

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