Zendesk data migration and import

Perform your Zendesk migration in a few easy steps. No coding expertise needed. Export full customer support history from your legacy help desk and import data to Zendesk.

Keep yourself away from extra coding and hassle. Set up a bulk user import (and not only!) with GrowthDot. Keep your customer support running while we make sure your data safely travels to Zendesk.

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Zendesk data migration and import

What benefits do we offer for Zendesk import?

Preserving data structure and accurate relations between records

Automated and custom data migration services

Optional mapping in an easy user interface

Wide variety of help and service desk platforms to migrate from and to

Free Demo Migration

Expert support before, during, and after the migration

The Process of Zendesk Data Import

Step 1. Get in touch

Send us a request to get started with your data migration. We’ll discuss all your data migration requrements, the scope of work, and the time frames for your migration. Here you also can select your type of import - automated or custom one.

Step 2. Connect source and target

Provide the requested access credentials for the tool to read the data from your source system and move it to Zendesk.

Step 3. Schedule the migration date

Determine the time when the system is the least loaded with users doing their studying activities. Pick this period as the data migration start time and inform us to schedule your migration.

Step 4. Import data to Zendesk

Wait for the full data migration to transfer everything to your Zendesk instance.

Step 5. Check the results of data migration

Look through all of your customer support data and make sure that migrating to Zendesk was successful.

Step 6. Enjoy your new help desk!

Right after the migration, your new system is completely ready to assist in your customer support process.

What you may import to Zendesk?

Help Desk Components
  • Tickets

    with all related data

  • Contact
  • Companies
  • Agents
  • Agent Groups
Knowledge Base Components
  • Articles and multimedia objects
  • Categories
  • Folders

Why Do Clients Want to import data to Zendesk?

Zendesk is a number one help desk platform for customer support, and it can be fitted into any company’s ecosystem, from small businesses to large enterprises. Besides, it’s flexible, customizable and has robust reporting options and data visualizations. That’s why Zendesk data migration process is a quite popular service. Also, you can try Zendesk apps and integrations to make it advanced. Moreover, with GrowthDot, you can try automated migration, app installation, theme integration and other services for Zendesk in one place.

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Why trust GrowthDot?

We are an official Zendesk partner with broad hands-on experience in data migration and Zendesk import precisely. Working with us, you won’t have to worry about preserving records in the right order, as we’ve completed thousands of successful migrations and have reliable Zendesk migration tools.

We offer free demo migration (sample migration and sample import) so that you can try out the migration process and check the possible results of your Zendesk migration before paying a penny.

We care about customer data safety that’s why all your personal and support information is under three layers of security. GrowthDot will do everything necessary to protect our database from the most sophisticated electronic attacks. Also, we meet all migration requirements and provide customized migration services for every unique process.

The data migration is available from and to more than 400 help desk platforms, including Freshdesk, Help Scout, Freshservice, and more.

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