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How to group contacts for my email campaign

With Proactive Campaigns, you can easily send out particular messages to a specific group of contacts from your Zendesk. However, you will have to create Contact lists to add to your email campaigns beforehand. If you can’t figure what is the best way to filter contacts in this case, we will show you three options of how to separate your contacts into lists to target the right audience.

First of all, you have to go to the customer list management menu. To do so, go to Settings > List Management > Users Lists > Add New List. When creating a list, you need to add Name, Description, and Conditions to match the exact group of people you want to target with your emailing campaign. Now, let’s see how we can filter your contacts with different Conditions.

PC Add New List

Filter contacts by Tags

The first way to separate a contact list by criterion is to add specific Tags to Users. For example, you want to send out a special offer for customers using a certain version of your product. To do so, you can create a Tag with the name of this specific product and add it to each of the users that fall into the needed category by hand. Then, Proactive Campaigns will automatically fetch this Tag to the list of Contact List Conditions.

Remember! If you haven’t used the tagging feature in Zendesk before, you need to enable it before creating and adding Tags to Users and Organizations. To do so:

  1. Click the Admin icon in the sidebar, then select Customers.
  2. In the section Tags on users and organizations, click Enabled.
  3. Click Save Tab.

PC Tag Enabled

If you have already used the tagging option before, look up the Conditions drop-down list for the Tags that fit the requirements of the future email campaign when creating a Contact List. Then, choose the corresponding Value, and Save:

PC Tag Condition

Filter by Custom User Fields

It is also possible to filter Users by setting certain Custom Field values as criteria for forming a Contact List in Proactive Campaigns. The process is very much the same as with setting Tags as Contact List Conditions. Here's how we set up the Conditions for an email campaign with an update about setting our website to a new language:

PC Custom Fields

Filter by Standard Fields (like created_at, updated_at, etc.)

With this method, you won’t have to do any manual preparations to get Conditions in Contact Lists up and working as such user fields are updated automatically. For instance, you want to send out a follow-up email to your old customers that haven’t been in contact with your company for a while to find out if they are still interested in buying some of your products and services. In this case, you can just select the corresponding dates in the Updated_at field (with the last time you updated the customer info). See how you can do this:

PC Standard Fields

And these were all the basics you need to know about filtering users for different Contact Lists. You can segment contacts with any option mentioned above, or combine several types of conditions for more detailed segmenting. Everything is up to you.

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