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How to run SMS campaigns in bulk via Proactive Campaigns

Proactive Campaigns is available for running not only bulk emailing but SMS campaigns. To start the process, you need to perform several actions in Zendesk instance and launch the Campaign in a usual way. Let’s show you how.

At first, go to the “Admin” page in your Zendesk, then select the “Text” tab.

Note: To send the SMS campaigns, the “Text” tab should be activated. If it is inactive, contact Zendesk’s support team.

Then select the “Numbers” tab, click on “Add number” or choose the one from the list to be shown as sender contact.

FAQ Text

The chosen number will then be displayed in the “Active Numbers” section.

FAQ Choose Number

The next step is setting the trigger. To perform it, go to the “Triggers” tab on the same “Admin” page and click on “Add trigger”.

FAQ Add Trigger

The next step is choosing conditions for the trigger as shown on the screenshot below.

Set the following conditions:

“Comment - Is - Public”

“Is campaign - Is - Checked”

Send SMS Trigger

Then, scroll the page and set the following “Action”: “Text user - (requester)”

Also, choose the sender’s number (Zendesk’s number) and add {{ticket.description}} shortcode in the "Body" field. Then click “Save” to activate the trigger.

FAQ Actions

Now we are going to briefly show how to create a new SMS Campaign.

Go to the Proactive Campaigns app and create a new contact list with any necessary conditions. Check out the whole process: How to create a Contact list and Ticket list in Proactive Campaigns.

Make sure you’ve added phone numbers to the needed contacts as in other cases the messages will be sent only to email addresses.

Then create the campaign with the Target list as usual, and the SMS will be sent automatically to contacts from the chosen list.

Create Campaign

Also, you can send SMS to contacts from your CSV file. To do it, don't forget to create the Phone number column in your file and insert the number in the following format: +XYYYZZZZZZZ where X is country code, Y - mobile operator code and Z - personal phone number. Read more about how to import users with a CSV file with a CSV file sample.


Note: While the trigger is active, Proactive Campaigns sends SMS and Emails every time you launch a new campaign. If it is unnecessary, deactivate SMS trigger as shown on the picture.

FAQ Deactivate Trigger

And that’s all for today! We hope this article was helpful for you. If you need to ask something, feel free to contact our support team.

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