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What are the Most Common Errors that Might be Displayed after Launching a Campaign?

Some agents face the situation where a campaign is failed because of appeared errors. Such unpleasant issues shouldn't stop you from working, so we prepared a list of the most common errors. Learning this will help you to create a proper CSV file to import, and also you will find what settings can interfere with launching a campaign.

Import Contacts from a CSV File

Let's start with the most common errors that users make while preparing a CSV file for importing users.

CSV Errors

Error Details

Email is not properly formatted

When you get such a warning, this means that an email address is invalid. So, check whether it was written correctly.

Time zone is invalid

In this case, we recommend you rewatch what time zone you use in a CSV file and compare it with the Zendesk list of available time zones.

Use only the time zone in a CSV that is available on Zendesk. To find a requirable time zone go to Admin tab > Accounts > Appearance > Localization.

Time Zone

After you select a necessary time zone, write the city name in the Time Zone column of a CSV file. For example, we want to point out the (GTM+03:00) Athens time zone. Therefore, we will type the word 'Athens' in our CSV document.

Name is too short

There is no name in a CSV file. Therefore, the name field should have at least one character.

Locale is invalid

This error appears when you use an invalid language ID in a CSV document that Zendesk doesn't support. If you want to do this correctly, it'd be better to add language IDs to your CSV file from this Zendesk guide. So, use the international format mentioned in the Language ID column of a proposed guide.

Language ID

Your CSV file does not meet the requirements

This error informs you that your CSV file might have some inaccuracy. It would be better to check if commas separate all data; go through custom fields to see whether they are filled in properly. For instance, a field with a date should contain only numbers. Also, remove all spaces after the email addresses if there are any.

Phone is not properly formatted

This error appears if you add a phone number without a country code to your CSV file. It's extremely important to write a full number that includes a country code, an area code, and a subscriber number. For example, +1 (555) 123-4567.

Permission Denied. Insufficient permissions to edit user

As this is the most spread error, we will pay more attention to this item. If you see this message, then you don't have the right to edit users in Zendesk. There are two ways to launch a campaign:

  • A user with admin rights can change your role so that you will continue running a campaign.
  • Create a campaign on behalf of an agent who has requirable rights. The tricky point is that if you have already created a campaign, it's failed, and you try to request another agent with special rights to launch it; this won't influence the issue. Why? Because when you create a campaign, you automatically become its owner, and you can't change it. Therefore, an agent with admin rights should create a new campaign.

Bulk user imports are not enabled

If you only started the work with the Proactive Campaigns app and saw the next error: ‘An error occurred during the campaign, please contact our support,’ this means that your Zendesk account does not allow mass user import.

Bulk User Imports Are Not Enabled

No worry, as this option is disabled by default. All you need to do is to contact the Zendesk support team and ask to enable the mass user import. Then you can start a campaign again.

Tickets Generating Errors

Requester is suspended

If the ticket requester has suspended access, but you need to launch a campaign with this contact, open the user profile in Zendesk Support and select Unsuspend access.


Besides, you can also remove such a user from a list on the Settings page > List Management > Ticket Lists.

Server error

This Zendesk error can happen at any stage of campaign creation. There are many ways of solving this issue, so we recommend you contact our support team if you see this type of error. First, we will check whether a campaign relaunching won't cause duplicates or other issues. If we find that it will, we will help you create a new process with users who haven't been sent emails by the app yet.

[Field_name_field]: needed

You see this error in case your Ticket form has some fields that must be filled in because of its settings. Usually, it happens when one of the fields has a specific value, which provokes the necessity to fill in a subsequent field.

To fix it, you can:

  • Go back to the last stage of campaign creation and fill in all requirable fields.
  • Go to the Admin center > Objects and rules > Tickets > Forms. Then, hover over a cursor on the Ticket form you use and click on three vertical dots next to it. There you can edit conditions.


Edit Conditions

If you still have any questions about the test emails or suggestions, please contact our support team

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