Zendesk Support is a wonderful help desk solution

With GrowthDot, you can make it a perfect temple for customer support.

Zendesk support

Simplify the way you use Zendesk Support

There are hundreds of options to facilitate your support efforts if you’ ve chosen the help desk from Zendesk. However, do you know which of its instruments will work best for your type of business?

Here’s when you turn to GrowthDot - we will analyze your desk, determine the downsides, and create all system settings that will optimize the workflow of your customer support. Isn’t it awesome?

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What we offer

Speed up the onboarding by 50% with a correct people organization

People are crucial when it comes to Support. And it’s important to organize them correctly according to your workflow, be it agents groups, customers. We‘ll help you:

  • Pick the right User roles for the efficient start
  • Form Agent Groups for the optimal tickets’ assignment
  • Import Customer data to save time
Zendesk support
Zendesk support

Improve visibility by 90% with custom fields and ticket views

Zendesk offers everything that may be needed for great visibility. However, with such a variety of tools, it takes lots of time to identify the right approach to data organization. But no worries, GrowthDot will make sure that your data is organized in an optimal way.

  • Ticket Views creation - your way to perfect visibility during customer support workflow
  • Custom fields for a greater experience of both agents and customers
  • Tags creation for better understanding of context

3x faster ticket resolution time with automations

Zendesk Support is designed to speed up your customer support and, thus, improve customer satisfaction. That’s why you must take advantage of its workflow automation options:

  • Email templates to start out and keep up the conversation, or answers to repetitive questions - each of these will minimize the efforts of support agents
  • Macros as scripts for your daily email conversations
  • Timely notification system - learn about what happens in your Zendesk immediately
  • CSAT adjustment - get up-to-date feedback about each agent’s performance
  • All kinds of other Triggers and Automations - to reduce manual work in the spheres that your business needs
Zendesk support
Zendesk support

Increase customer satisfaction by 20% with helpful and rapid communication

Omnichannel communication is a must in today’s customer service. With the assistance of GrowthDot’s maestros, you’ll have all the contact channels perfectly unified in your Support instance:

  • Email
  • Social media
  • Live chat
  • Calls
  • SMS
  • API
  • Others

Make correct business decisions with quick access to essential information

Do you use more than one of Zendesk products? Have all data in one place! Our team can unify them in the right way so that you can increase the efficiency of customer relationships management by 40%.

  • Zendesk Guide
  • Zendesk Chat
  • Zendesk Talk
  • Zendesk Explore
  • Zendesk Sell
  • Zendesk Sunshine
  • And others
Zendesk support

Haven’t found a Zendesk Support service you want?

No need to worry! We can’t add EVERYTHING to this page, as it’d be overcrowded. But, we’re sure our professionals can deal with it in no time! Just book a meeting with one of the specialists to answer all your questions.

Why GrowthDot?

As Zendesk official partners, we offer advanced solutions for seamless workflow optimization, implementation in a short period of time.

Our pricing is maximally clear and requires no hidden extra expenses after your implementation.

We study your business processes and requirements in detail to provide a functional solution tailored to your needs.

We create a layout and implement it only after your approval.

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