14 Startup Marketing Blogs: Get Your Hacking Massive Growth

Building a startup requires far more than a mere idea but also a business strategy, workflow planning, budget, and desire to do your best to succeed. In the hunt for valuable resources, marketing blogs become, in some sense, a magic elixir for businesses of any type.

We will cover the best marketing blogs that give you ideas on building a successful brand strategy, creating catchy content, optimizing search engines, and enhancing your marketing in general.

Follow Marketing Blog to Develop Startup Growth and Results

Every market niche has representatives that fight for the customers' attention and loyalty. Therefore, the competitiveness edge for the newcomers is higher and harder to achieve. So to be aware of the updates and ahead of the game, you should follow a well-written marketing blog or set of blogs.

There are hundreds of such resources. However, the time is limited, and you should keep the pulse on the well-searched posts that will offer definite guides for you. To help out, here is a list of the best marketing blogs for startups. If you read them, your chances for success will be expanded, developing your distribution and communication channels.

So, please make yourself comfortable, and let's start our marketing research over top marketing blogs.

General Start-Up Marketing Blogs

1. Start being an entrepreneur with AllTopStartups

All Top Startups

If you only got started running a business or are in the process of growing it, so All Top Startups should become your friend. It’s one of the best startup blogs. Here are collected resources for entrepreneurs and startup owners who want to avoid common mistakes.

Why follow: The blog is divided into Start, Grow, Market, Lead, and Money categories. Related articles will help you generate successful ideas, guide you in launching a Start up or managing a small business, and teach you how to develop the right marketing strategy and raise money.

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2. Follow a helpful business guide on Unboxing Startups

Unboxing Startups

This platform is a gold mine among marketing blogs for wannabe entrepreneurs. Unboxing Startups provides a significant number of resources for self-education. You can read the content about carrying on a business, finances, policies, innovations, and more.

Why follow: There are many opportunities for Start up owners. Firstly, you can read about business ideas, models, and plans. Secondly, Unboxing Startups posts articles on topics of marketing, sales, and finances. Here is also a category Women in Business. Finally, the platform is a daily dose of motivation for those who keep up with time. The most current events in the startup world are published almost every day.

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3. Master Necessary Skills with Startup Marketing Blog

Marketing Envy

Being a startup and tech marketing agency, Marketing Envy provides product launch strategies, design and content generation, and promotion. Importantly, its services are aimed at the B2B model.

Why follow: In their Startup Marketing Blog, you will find advice on content creation, strategies for various startup types, business models, social media activities, and PR guides. Besides, you are suggested to get along with cyber security recommendations, learning videos, case studies, e-books, and events on business topics.

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4. Find B2B Marketing Assets at Orange Marketing

Orange Marketing

Some companies do not have a marketing team or have a small one, but Orange Marketing helps with it. They concentrate on smarketing approach, where sales techniques complement marketing ones.

Why follow: Orange Marketing is one of LA's top digital marketing agencies. Their blog will support you in developing B2B marketing strategy. Marketing, sales, and Saas startups are the key topics you can find on the website. For more curious people, there are practical guides and e-books on conducting B2B marketing and sales.

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5. Improve Your Marketing Skills with Unbounce Blog

Unbounce Blog

The importance of converting a landing page is the key to growing success. Unbounce, the optimization software, helps marketers and website owners to achieve desired results. Published content has a scientific background and describes how to improve a landing page.

Why follow: This source, one of the must-read marketing blogs, offers tips and shares the experiences of the top conversion experts. Besides, this platform provides helpful guides in creating, converting, and optimizing landing pages. Another Unbounce advantage is that many blog posts about digital marketing tips can be found there. With highly engaging content and a strong community, it brings help to startups to be seen in the marketing world.

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6. Reap the Rewards of Inbound Marketing Blog

HubSpot Blog

Hubspot has taken its place in the marketing automation niche and created a robust community due to its neck-deep blog. This community is a rich repository of information and tips for newbies in marketing. HubSpot, a leader in digital marketing blogs, keeps a range of topics that can help you absorb experts' knowledge and generate impressive ideas. So, it is undoubtedly one of the best marketing blogs to follow.

Why follow: As one of the valuable marketing blogs, inbound marketing offers practical guidelines and how-tos, whitepapers, and infographics with daily updates. HubSpot has marketing blogs on Marketing, Sales, Service, and Website topics. Besides, they often write posts on leadership, team building, and inspirational articles. In addition, the community opens news articles about business and tech trends for persistent ones. You can also find marketing videos, podcasts, and resources such as Courses and Certifications.

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7. Keep the Pulse on Social Media with Buffer Blog

Buffer Blog

Marketers know Buffer as a helpful web-based tool for Social Media marketing. It allows running accounts easily by using the calendar for scheduling and analytics for tracking the best-performing posts. However, Buffer isn’t just an interesting social media scheduling app. Its blog is even better. There are a lot of in-depth and precise articles about marketing on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Why follow: Buffer offers the best marketing blogs. You will find insights into the most suitable social media presence and content management practices there. In short, this source will teach you how to post perceptive, not complicated texts and get the expected results. Besides marketing posts about social media, you might find guides, case studies, analytics, and more. So, anybody can draw on something new and add to their digital marketing strategy.

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Specific Marketing blogs

8. Find Inspiration Sources on Rockcontent

Rock Content

Rock Content shares materials in creating a content strategy. It can even become one of your favorite marketing blogs. There are a lot of blog categories such as Marketing, Content, Sales, Tech, and others. However, the most intriguing is its content marketing tool - Visually. This is a marketplace for sharing visual content.

Why follow: Obviously, a graphic works better than plain text. So, Visually is one of the must-read marketing blogs. It enables you with tried-and-tested tips. Moreover, here you find an immense source of inspiration and creativity. Additionally, Rock Content provides free resources such as webinars and events, e-books, tools, etc. So, you will discover something useful for your Blog marketing, and not only.

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9. Look No Further, Stop by at Kissmetrics Blog


Apart from tracking the users on the individual level with SaaS analytics, Kissmetrics is a marketing tool that offers practical and workable resources for design and marketing upgrades.

Why follow: Kissmetrics blog provides an avalanche of how-tos and helpful guidance on metrics setting up, copywriting, and organic SEO tips. The content gets lots of shares and comments so that you can derive many practical, consistent hacks. This way, you can study analytics, marketing articles, and guides to enhance your skills in Internet marketing.

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10. Get Tips from SEO Gurus at Moz Blog

The Moz Blog

Moz is a well-known SaaS analytics tool for boosting SEO efficiency. So, these folks help you get the most of the marketing intelligence. This company's blog collects the insights of the top experts, focusing on the inbound approach. The blog is well structured, so you can smoothly navigate different categories and find necessary topics quickly. Besides, the way content writers explain issues is coherent even for beginners.

Why follow: First, the Moz blog has a prominent SEO reputation. Second, it suggests actionable recommendations, engaging and practical webinars, and tips for social media running. As it took its place among the notable marketing blogs, Moz posts articles about Email Marketing, E-Commerce SEO, Marketing Psychology, User Experience, and different topics in distinct categories. A little tip: don't miss their Whiteboard Friday, where they always offer excellent advice and assets. They use a unique approach to simplify complex information and modify complicated SEO and marketing terms into easily understandable points.

Also, if you want to level up Email Marketing, try Proactive Campaigns for Zendesk to create and send bulk emails. And don’t miss the opportunity to track email opens with the Email Tracking app. This way, you can choose the best time for email campaigns. It also saves your time in planning an Email Marketing strategy and increases customer reach.

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11. Find SEO and Marketing tips on Ahrefs

The Ahrefs Blog

One more well-known SEO tool is Ahrefs which is also an ideal place to learn about search traffic. Although Ahrefs is more about SEO, link building, and so on, it is also one of the marketing blog examples.

Why follow: You will find a well-written blog on SEO tools and techniques, General Marketing, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and many more. Articles are adapted for readers' different knowledge levels. So for both beginners and gurus, the blog will bring value.

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12. Read daily Google search news on Search

Google Search

A mostly usable search system is Google. So naturally, it has its blog called Search, which posts the latest news about Google Search.

Why follow: The effective way to be in Google trends and updates is to read online marketing articles and digital search tools directly from Google. In addition, the blog is updated constantly, so don't miss being on track.

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13. Improve writing skills with Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute

Business owners and content marketers should pay attention to a blog by Content Marketing Institute. As its name, all articles are about content creation. However, they are based on analysis and written by experts.

Why follow: Content Marketing Institute posts articles on a daily frequency. You will find only factual information about content marketing, SEO, and strategy there. Besides, it also provides events, training, and consulting.

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14. Develop a brand strategy using ideas described in StartupNation

Startup Nation

The most important part of starting a business is to remember to create a strong brand identity. You can only build a successful brand if you develop a transparent and responsible business, using time-proven techniques and learning from others' experiences. So, Startup Nation is all about it.

Why follow: This is the most fundamental marketing blog for Startups. You can find out what you need to start a business and how to grow it. Various topics on advertising, marketing, sales, CRM, and many more are available on Startup Nation. It also presents a series of articles on video-making tips and growth hacks. And finally, you can listen to expert podcasts or read articles written by them.

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Draw Up A-Line

Ultimately, marketing is about relationship building and finding proper distribution channels. A Startup shouldn’t be an over-caffeinated team that looks for resources. So, make the most of the digital era, and don’t waste your time on internet surfing. This short and sweet review of marketing blogs will aid you greatly.

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