How to Create Automations

Creating automation can seem like a complicated thing, however, it’s only at first sight. Let’s overview how to use the automation feature of Proactive Campaigns.

How to create an automation for mass email sending in Zendesk Support

First, create a user list on the Settings page > List Management > Contact Lists > +Add New List. It’d better to create a list based on custom fields for the correct work of application.

Watch a video tutorial on how to create lists in the app.

How to Create a User, Ticket, and Organization lists in Proactive Campaigns for Zendesk

After, go to the Automations page and click + Add new.

Add New Automation

Then, fill in the fields like Name and Description and select a user list from a drop-down menu. Also, point out the Automation exit type. For now, there are two of them available:

  1. Exit on automation end. After the automation is launched and all steps are finished, the recipients move out of the automation, and emails won’t be sent to the same ticket requester twice.
  2. Recurring automation. This option allows the application to add the same user to the automation again and again so an email can be sent to the same user whenever they (users) match the conditions you define.

Click the Create button to save the changes.

Create An Automation

The new automation will be placed on the Automations page. So, click Edit and proceed with its configuration.

Edit Automation

You should plan your automation in advance. For example, if you want it to be sent with a delay, then the first step you need to add is the Delay. So, click Create new step, select Delay in the modal window opened, name the step and save it.

Select The Step Type

Be careful, as you only created a step that has not been configured yet. To specify the time, click Change delay and type the necessary value in hours (One day = 24 hours).

Change Delay


Follow the same logic while creating Actions. They could be an Email, Update user custom field, Update ticket custom field, or Append tags to the ticket. Therefore, click Create new step, select Actions in the modal window opened, name the step and save it.

Actions Email

Then, click Modify actions, select the action type, for example, email, and confirm your choice by hitting the button. Then, you can start making an email as usual because the editing section is pretty similar to what you use while creating a regular campaign.

Modify Actions


The same situation applies to fields updates. You can either set up custom fields updates and add tags during the email creation or configure it as a separate step. In the first case, select a necessary action from the Add action field like Update user custom fields/Update custom ticket fields/Append tags to the ticket, and point out the required field(s) value(s). It'd better add tags while creating an Email Action and use the next order: Email > Append tags to the ticket.

Add Action

The second way is to add a new Action within another step. So, click Create new step and select Actions. Then, Modify actions, choose a necessary field and insert required values. If needed, create several actions at a time.

Update User Custom Fields

Finally, activate the automation and Save it.

Activate The Automation

If you have any questions, contact our friendly support team! We are always happy to assist you.

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