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Customer opened the email but I didn’t get the read receipt

There are times when the Email tracking app may not capture email opens. Here are some of the common reasons for that.

IMPORTANT: Email Tracking will not work if you open the email on the same computer. This article about Blacklisted IPs explains why.

The email client/browser does not allow showing images

Email Tracking sends a pixel that helps identify whether the email was opened or not. In certain situations, the trigger may not work. Specifically, this may happen because:

  • The email client that the customer uses either has HTML disabled or blocks images by default.
  • The user has not allowed to show the image. Sometimes, email clients don’t display images automatically. Instead, they ask if the user wants to see it.
  • “Disable tracking for EU recipients” or "Do not track email opens of California residents to stay compliant with CCPA" features are on.

These features help to comply with GDPR if you work with customers who live in the European Union or California state. What it does is checks the recipient's IP address before recording their actions. If the recipient is from the EU or California, then Email Tracking does not generate a read receipt. Check if these options are on to understand if that's what's causing the problem.

Disable Tracking

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