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How to Check Statistics in Proactive Campaigns

While working with Zendesk, you might want to analyze data collected in it for different purposes. So, in this article, we describe how you can view the statistics in Proactive Campaigns.

Main App Statistics Elements

If you need to look over the statistics, go to the Statistics tab in the Proactive Campaigns app.

On this page, you will find the following elements:

  1. The Calendar, which is on the very top, helps filter campaigns by choosing the Reporting Period.
  2. Colored blocks depict the current campaigns' statuses, the number of sent emails, and unsubscribed users.
  3. Campaigns list with specified fields and Details on the page left side.

App Statistics Page

Reporting period

While setting the Reporting period, you can outline the Start and the End dates to see all campaigns created for that period. Also available to choose a specific time such as the Last 6 months, Last 3 months, Last month, or Previous month.

Reporting Period Filter

Status Blocks

Rectangular blocks allow viewing statuses for all Campaigns. Moreover, each color indicates at what stage campaigns are:

  1. Campaigns Created (royal blue): confirms the total number of all created campaigns;
  2. Successful Campaigns (green): shows the number of successful campaigns. That means that they achieved receivers;
  3. Unsuccessful Campaigns (red): demonstrates the number of unsuccessful campaigns which were undelivered because of an error;
  4. Draft Campaigns (prussian blue): shows the number of campaigns that have been saved as drafts and are waiting to be sent;
  5. Total Emails Sent (hunter green): indicates the total number of sent emails within all created campaigns;
  6. Paused Campaigns (orange): illustrates the number of paused campaigns you have marked while running them;
  7. Unsubscribed Users (maroon): displays the number of users unsubscribed from emails;
  8. Total Emails Read (light green): depicts the number of emails read by receivers among the total emails sent;
  9. Average reading percentage by campaign (light blue): proves the percentage of emails read among the sent emails.
Note: Total Emails Read and Average reading percentage by the campaign are available only with the Email Tracking Add-on.

Proactive Campaigns List and Details

At the bottom part of the page are depicted the 5 last campaigns and their statuses.

Contact List

If you want to see all created campaigns, then click Show all at the very bottom of the page.

Show All Button

After, opens the Campaign tab with all existing campaigns.

Campaigns Page With All Campaigns

Keep going, and let's cover the next statistics item.

To view the additional information about campaigns, click on the icon in the Details column.

Then, you will see the total number of replies and emails sent in the particular campaign and other details such as Subject, Body, Tags, etc.

Pressing the View tickets button, you are taken to the page where you can see and manage all tickets in the campaign.

The Campaign Details

So, we've already looked through the main statistics views stages. Use this information to plan a successful email campaign strategy. And Good Luck!

Still have any questions or want to make suggestions? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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