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How to Create a Separate View for Tickets Created in Proactive Campaigns

Need instant access to tickets created via Proactive Campaigns in your Zendesk view? You can sort tickets for the one campaign and for all by using tags as the conditions. As a result, you’ll get ticket views for email campaigns in one place - Zendesk’s View. Follow these steps to create it:

1. First, create a new campaign in Proactive Campaigns and add the tags on the first stage. By the way, the app adds the "Campaign_<name>" tag automatically. Precisely, tags act as filters for your future view so you can create as many views as you need using tags.

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2. Next, run the campaign as usual and then create a ticket view in Zendesk. To do so, go to Admin tab -> Views -> Add view.

Add View

3. Afterward, set the condition with that tag you have set in the campaign or you may also use the "Campaign _<name>"  default tag.  Take into account, that Zendesk requires adding at least two conditions to create a view, so add another one.
We provided the example of ticket view creating below.

Set Conditions

4. Finally, save your view and check out the new category in the “Views” section.

Check Your View

Enjoy a fast and convenient method to organize your tickets and find the needed amount in the eternal flow of clients’ requests. And if something goes wrong ask our support team for help.

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