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How to delete data in GDPR Compliance for Zendesk

As you may know, you are required to delete personal data after the end of customer services according to European and Californian privacy protocols.

Let’s dive into the detailed overview of the process.

At first, we suggest defining the info you want to delete. To do it, go to the Settings tab -> Preferences -> Deleting tab -> Select objects to delete -> Save the changes.

GDPR Deleting Preferences

You can launch the deleting process from several places in Zendesk. So, let’s explain every method.

Deleting from the specific ticket

The first approach is Deleting directly from the specific ticket.

1. Open the Views tab in Zendesk and select the ticket.

2. Click apps on the right-hand sidebar-> Process GDPR Requests -> Delete data ->Choose the process in the modal window -> Proceed.

Process In Ticket

Deleting data for every single user from the list of all end-users in Zendesk

The second method is deleting data for every single user from the list of all end-users in Zendesk Support. That means you need to:

1. Go to Zendesk’s Admin tab and select People in the Manage section. When you found a specific user in search results, click on their name to open the profile.

Find People GDPR

2. In the sidebar, find the GDPR app and click Process GDPR requests.

Process From People

3. Then select the type and click Proceed.

Delete Data

Delete data from The Ticket and Contact lists

Also, you can delete data from Ticket and Contact lists inside the app.

1. Go to your GDPR and click on Contact view or Ticket view. We selected Contact lists.

Deleting From List

2. Then click on the Process GDPR requests button on the right top corner, choose data deletion, and Proceed with the list.

You can also delete data using a CSV file

Also, you may pick out one or a few contacts to process, click on Process GDPR Request ->select Deleting process ->Proceed with selected users.

Proceed With Selected Users

Follow the same stages for Ticket lists, for successful data treatment. The following approach allows you to cope with data removal both in the mass and for separate users or tickets without clicking through the pages, so try it. Also, use the Eye icon to open and check the details of the exact contact or ticket.

Eye Icon Deletion GDPR

So this is the end of our guide and we hope it was helpful! Contact us for professional help in case of some questions or problems.

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