How to update a payment method for Growthdot’s apps

If you already have activated a subscription to any of our apps, but need to change credit card data or payment method, follow this guide for clear instructions for the following apps:

The first step is a bit different for some of our apps. Let’s see where is the difference.

Changing payment method for Email Tracking and Video Reply

Email Tracking and Video Reply apps have a separate "Subscription" tab as shown below. So, to update the payment info in one of these plugins, you need to go to "Subscription" and click on “Update payment method”.

Email Tracking Payment

Changing the payment method for Proactive Campaigns, GDPR Compliance, CRM and Deals, UpChat and Sanctions Check

Since these apps don’t have a detached "Subscription" tab, we are going to show you where to find it. In order to change payment data for Proactive Campaigns, GDPR Compliance, and CRM and Deals, UpChat, Sanctions Check, choose the "Settings" tab and select "Subscription" as shown on the screenshot.

Proactive Campaigns Payment

Final steps of the process

The final stages of changing the payment method are similar for all apps. As previously mentioned, click on “Update payment method” then select a method.

Select Payment Method

Log in to your account if you’ve selected PayPal or insert your credit card number, cardholder name, expiration date, and CVV if you have chosen a credit or a debit card.

Update Card Details

Next, pick “Update card details” and you’ll receive a message with a successful process completion.

Payment Details Updated

Now, you can use your apps as usual, and if you have some problems or questions feel free to contact us.

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