How GrowthDot helped Medikro with a successful Zendesk Implementation

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Zendesk implementation included:
  • Creating user groups
  • Building reports
  • Creating custom fields
  • Organizing ticket rotation
Company: Medikro.
Industry: Healthcare.
Location: Kuopio, Finland.
The challenge: Moving to a clean Zendesk instance.
The solution: The creation of all kinds of necessary settings by GrowthDot.
The result: A great part of their support workflow is now automated, set to scale as the customer base grows, and ready to help fulfilling the company's goals.

This post’s main hero is Medikro’s business developer - Liudmila Rybakova. She kindly agreed to answer a few of our questions regarding her company’s experience with GrowthDot. She as well described her concerns with creating Zendesk Settings all by herself and explained how the bad thoughts vanished as she turned to GrowthDot for a professional service.

Thanks a lot ... for the awesome project we had together! Your whole team was super responsive and energetic. It’s a real pleasure to work with such enthusiastic and knowledgeable people as you, guys. We were lucky to meet you, thanks a lot!

Luidmila Rybakova
Luidmila Rybakova Business Developer at Medikro

Tell our readers a little bit about your company and your role there

Our company has a long history in technology and development going back to the 70s. Our founder then won a pitch from NASA, actually, for developing a spirometer (the pulmonary diagnostics system) that would be small enough to fit into a spaceship. It actually went to space with this one and only spirometer. Well, maybe not anymore (laughs).

Since then, we’ve been in healthcare, developing devices that help to conduct different types of diagnostics.

What about my role, recently, I just relocated to Finland and was looking for a job. It’s not particularly easy to get employed in Finland. First, I had to go through the internship program with Medikro. And, actually, my internship task was to replace their old help desk system with a new one - to choose it, to set it up, and to put it in action. And, based on the success of this project, the decision will be taken of whether or not I should be hired, actually.

This project was important for all the participants, and that’s why I thought that I need to be backed up by a professional in this area. Despite having nearly 10 years of experience in digital projects, help desk systems were something new for me. It was good to have somebody there for me as these systems are quite specific and there is really a lot to learn about.

I got employed after this project, by the way 🙂

Why did you need a professional team to manage the setting of your Zendesk instance?

Implementing Zendesk is quite at the core of your business if you work with customers. And Zendesk is actually where your interaction happens. In order to make it really efficient, it should fit nicely into your business processes. It should reflect and fulfill them.

Zendesk is quite a powerful system, it is capable of fitting in basically with any company’s ecosystem. It is so flexible and diverse, there are thousands of ways for achieving kind of the same goals. But depending on which of these ways you choose is going to determine how scalable and transparent your instance is going to be.

Plus, there is a lot of special terminology in Zendesk, and almost all the time I needed to reach out to GrowthDot to discuss everything. Later, they would answer: “Uh-huh, this would be fixed with an Automation. And that must work with a Trigger”.

It’s really important to choose the appropriate architecture for your support from the beginning, as it is crucial for the success of the task in the long run. And if these are your first step, it’s extremely important to have a professional by your side.

How did you find out about GrowthDot?

You were recommended to our company by the developers of our previous solution - Kayako. We were using their local solution and were wondering if we can migrate to the cloud one which was more modern. They suggested Relokia, saying that this may be the only company in the market that can do it.

Author’s note: Relokia is a parent company of GrowthDot that helped us to implement Zendesk and complete its configurations.

So, you didn’t have any other solutions to choose from?

To be honest, no. We were happy to be forwarded by our service provider because it’s quite an old system that we had. At first, we wouldn’t believe that there was anybody that would take on the 14-years-old system.

Do you have any tips for the other companies that plan to order a professional settings management for Zendesk?

The main tip is to spend a good amount of time analyzing and understanding the situation and the goal that you want to achieve with this or that setting.

But don’t concentrate on specific triggers of automations. Instead, try to describe in detail what kind of behavior you expect to have in there. The rest will be done by GrowthDot.

An additional tip would be to think about naming rules or their categories when you start building them in Zendesk. It’s good to think from the very beginning about how you name those things, as soon you will end up having lots of them. You’ll understand what I mean once you start doing it.

As Zendesk itself doesn't have bulk emails, remember to boost it up with Proactive Campaigns for the Healthcare Industry.

Appropriate naming and categorization will save you a lot of time during debugging, for example.

How GrowthDot helped Medikro with a successful Zendesk Implementation

Some other feedback?

Thanks a lot for chatting up with me and for the awesome project we had together! Your whole team was super responsive and energetic. It’s a real pleasure to work with such enthusiastic and knowledgeable people as you, guys. We were lucky to meet you, thanks a lot!

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