Reduce Ticket Queues After Mass Mailing – Proactive Campaigns Improval

We know that you are always trying to avoid ticket queues after mass mailing. However, sometimes, you can't affect that process. Previously, the Proactive Campaigns app created dozens or hundreds of tickets depending on your ticket list size. But things have changed because we reacted to our client's requests. Now you can turn off creating new tickets from campaign to campaign and add a new comment to existing tickets. Another option is bulk deleting of recently created tickets directly from the campaign.

Add the Reply to the Already Created Ticket

Maybe you do not need explanations if you are an advanced Zendesk user. However, it is worth mentioning that with the help of this feature, you will radically reduce the number of tickets as an email body will be added to the existing one. So, forget about the case when you have 2 or more tickets addressed to one person. It entirely saves your time.

What do you have to do to get rid of ticket queues after mass mailing?

Open the Proactive Campaigns app and start creating the new campaign. Next, after you've selected needed Ticket list, put the checkmark near the "Update existing tickets instead of creating new ones" option. Then, continue creating and start the campaign as usual.

Ticket Queues After Mass Mailing PC

Finally, the app adds a new email body and changes the tickets subject to the one created via Proactive Campaigns. Also, a new tag "campaign- <name>" is added as shown on the screenshot, and fields are updated.

Ticket Queues After Mass Mailing Ticket

Delete Tickets After Campaign Launching

This feature is also developed to avoid unnecessary ticket overflow in your Zendesk but works differently than previously mentioned.

How does it work?

Create a new campaign as usual and wait until the process ends. Then, go to the All Campaigns tab, select the campaign and click on Delete all tickets. Next, the app permanently deletes all tickets related to this campaign. As a result, the client receives the email, but you have no ticket queue in your instance.

Delete ticket

Note: Don't close the tab until the end of the process. Otherwise, not all tickets will be deleted.

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Proactive Campaigns is a mass email sender for Zendesk! However, we suggest trying our other apps to improve your customer support. For instance, the Proactive Campaigns app works together with Email Tracking and helps to check out email opens. Also, we are Zendesk partners and provide an assistant in Zendesk implementation, app integration, onboarding, and other services.

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