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Updates in Proactive Campaigns for Zendesk

Proactive Campaigns app for Zendesk is your universal helper in bulk messaging. Sometimes our clients share their opinions that the app has everything for email marketing, especially in union with Email Tracking. However, the Growthdot team continues making it a more powerful Zendesk tool, and updates in Proactive Campaigns became our daily activity. So, now we want to share with you other improvements. So, let’s see what we got here.

The Highlight Placeholders and Remove Format Options

Sometimes, agents meet cases when a placeholder needs to be fixed in Proactive Campaigns. Usually, a placeholder breaks because of the wrong formatting copied from a third-party resource. Our team developed new features to recognize invalid placeholders and clear unnecessary formatting.

So, we move to the third stage of campaign creation. Here, we enable the {*} Highlight valid Zendesk placeholder button on the Body edit panel and insert two placeholders. As you can see, the first liquid markup is highlighted, which means it is a valid placeholder.

However, although the second one looks like a valid liquid markup, the app considers it a broken one. Why? Because the formatting is applied only to the text in curly brackets. If you need to color dynamic content, be careful to select the entire placeholder, including brackets. Therefore, if you copy a placeholder from, for example, Zendesk Knowledge Base, remember that it can be broken with the applied formatting.

Consequently, if you see a placeholder is not highlighted, then use the Remove Format option.

Hoghlight Placeholders Button

This element on the edit panel helps get rid of the color or other text styles. For this, we select the whole placeholder and click the Remove Format button, as shown in the screenshot.

Remove Format

By the way, it's possible to use this option to remove any formatting from the text.

Friendly App Hints

This time it’s not a new-released feature but some app improvement that will be handy for you. Therefore, we would like you to pay attention to our hints bar. It is located below the Body editor section, and its purpose is to inform you on how to make proper emails.

It works pretty simply. Just click on the side arrows to move hints back and forth. Also, keep in mind that we constantly update the hint bar, so check it periodically.

Hint Bar

Create Organization Lists

If you need to sort out your contacts or tickets by organizations, this option is definitely for you. Now, you can create an Organization list similar to a Ticket or Contact list from Settings > List Management > Organization list > +Add New List > set the List Name and necessary conditions > Save. And when it's done, you will get several options to use this list.

List Management

1. If you go to the Organization Views tab, you will see all organizations from the list filtered by the app. So, when you click the Send Email to list button on the top right-hand corner of the page, the app will select contacts who relate to these organizations from the list.

Organization Views Page

2. To see a ticket list whose requesters belong to organizations of the recently created list, go to the Ticket Views page and switch on the tab to the organization list (at the bottom of the page). After clicking the Send Email to list, the app selects unique ticket requesters for the email campaign. Moreover, you also can update existing tickets. All you need is to checkmark the Update existing tickets instead of creating new ones at the second stage (Select Target List) of the campaign creation.

Ticket Views Page

3. In case you need to view the complete list of contacts related to specific organizations, here is an option. Visit the Contact Views page and click the organization lists tab at the bottom of the page. Except for seeing the whole contacts from organizations, you can create the campaign by clicking Send Email to list.

Contact Views Page

Important: If you have more than 300 organizations on the list, the app will show you a message: ‘Too many organizations in the list. Preview is not available. You can still create and run the process, and all proper list targets will be processed.’ Despite this, you can see the number of users/tickets related to organizations and still launch campaigns.

More Than 300 Organizations

Clone the Shared List into a Regular Contact or Ticket List

Shared lists are handy when agents need to work as a team and use such collaborative materials. However, agents might feel quite limited while using such lists as they can’t be edited. Yes, in shared lists is impossible to make changes, but there is a way how to bypass it. All you need is to create a copy and use it as you want.

So, open the Settings page, go to the List Management, find Shared lists, and finally click on the horizontal ellipsis (Meatballs menu), and on the Clone button.

Settings Page

After, you will see the cloned list you can edit. Thus, do appropriate actions and Save changes. Then, watch a result on a lists page.

Contact lists

Upload HTML Templates

At our customers' request, we added a new feature. Now you can upload your HTML templates into the Proactive Campaigns Editor. So first, click the arrow button near the Save as new template on the third stage of campaign creation. Then, select the Upload templates from file.

Upload A Template

When the modal window has been opened, name your template, select an HTML file and upload an image (it’s optional. Use it if you want to differentiate your templates easily).

Upload Template Modal Window

The template will be opened in the Source code editor so that you can change or leave it as it is.

Source Code Editor

Note: Read how the Source code editor works to make sure you use “save tags” in an HTML code.

Send Follow-ups to Seen/Unseen Tickets (with Email Tracking)

We deepen the integration between Email Tracking and Proactive Campaigns to use the advantages of each app to reach the best results in your email marketing and customer support. For example, previously, you could send follow-up campaigns only for those who didn't reply. However, together with Email Tracking you can also track seen/unseen emails directly in the particular campaign and send follow-ups.

Campaigns Seen Unseen

Besides, you can switch toggles to modify your contact list and include exactly what you need. For instance, we created a follow-up list only with seen and replied tickets.

Customize Follow Up

Possibility to Send an Email on Behalf of the Other

Sometimes you need to launch your mass email campaigns on behalf of the other agent or even an imaginary person. For that purpose, we have created an  Alias field to type the name so that the end-user will see that name, but the reply will return to the agent. Take into account that admins can choose an alias for any assignee and agents can do it only for themselves.

Alias Proactive Campaigns

Test Your Email Campaigns

Proactive Campaigns allows you to create lists from Zendesk contacts, and theoretically, you could compose a list with test emails. However, that is unnecessary work and you also need to waste time creating the list, and then delete those emails from Zendesk. Nevertheless, the spam filters become more advanced with each passing day, so sending emails without testing can harm your business. We found the way out, let's see.

So, when you are on the final stage of creating your bulk email campaign (Ticket configuration) you can click on the arrow button near Save and Run and select Send email to test recipients.

Send Test PC

Then, you'll see the window where you need to type test email addresses and click on " + " to add them to the list. Then click on Send to test recipients or hit Send to me only if you need to send to your address.

Send emails to test

Finally, check email's destination in testing tools or check out your emails to know where your letter is.

Proactive Campaign Text Editor Update

Every day the GrowthDot team works on developing our products to make them more customized and easy to use for our business clients. We are excited to introduce a newly designed Proactive Campaign update at our client's request.

Let’s take a closer look at the new-added text formatting properties within a create campaign option.

You can find a rich-text editor and a source code editor on the Create campaign page (the third step of creating a new campaign). That helps you craft personalized and brandy emails and build associative bonds in customers' minds by using a recognizable writing style.

Text editor properties

Besides current typographical items like Bold, Italic, and Underline, the Strikethrough was put on the edit toolbar. Alongside Heading, Bulleted, and Numbered lists, became available particular properties: Text alignment, Font Size, and Font Color on the panel.

Besides existing Code, Blockquote, and Link functions, an Insert Code Block was incorporated. Using the Insert Code Block makes email designs more extraordinary and unique. So check out all main typographical formatting attributes directly in the Proactive Campaign app.

Source code editor

If there is a feeling like it’s not enough and you need to create more advanced and personalized emails, click on the Source code editor and use HTML code to create those emails that match your brand identity.

CSAT Surveys and Ratings are Now Available Updates in Proactive Campaigns

Nowadays, you can’t do any business without customers’ opinions as they can provide you with valuable information and help define your strengths and weaknesses. However, sometimes it is not easy to collect reviews as you imagined, but the Proactive Campaigns app can help you with it. You can add a 5-stars rating or typed feedback to choose from now on. So, start creating your email campaign as usual and on the Email stage, switch the toggle and select the option.

Update Proactive Campaigns Rate

Then, continue editing and start your campaign. Afterward, you need to wait for replies, and when they appear, go to the All Campaigns tab, click on the dotted icon, and select Rates.


Finally, you’ll see the replies or the diagram with statistics on how many stars were chosen by your clients.


Take into account that adding CSAT surveys and ratings are available only with the PRO plan of the app.

Let’s see what’s next.

Extended Stats with the Email Tracking App

If you are using Proactive Campaigns with Email Tracking, you can notice that your reports page has changed. It has become more informative. No wonder, as we added two indexes available only with Email Tracking and want to explain their meaning. Also, you can check those data when you enter the details of the particular campaign in the All Campaigns tab. 

Update In Proactive Campaigns Statistics

Total Emails Read- shows the count of emails that the recipient opened.

Average reading percentage by the campaign - display the average reading percentage by all campaigns.

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