UpChat App Integration
with Zendesk Support and Chat

Create a perfect suit between Zendesk Chat and Zendesk Support with the UpChat app. Save your precious time and reduce surfing through both platforms to collect the info during your daily customer support.

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UpChat App Integration
How does UpChat for Zendesk work?

Streamline the Interaction between Chat and Support

Cases of using the UpChat app


Case 1

Chatting with the client and trying to solve some issues can take a longer time than usual as you need the assistance of a third person (developer, engineer, etc.) So, you need to end the chat and delay the conversation for the next day. Then, on the next day, you open the created ticket and continue the communication. Usually, you have to read all messages from the very beginning to remember the current condition of the ticket. It causes time and unnecessary time losses which can be fixed easily by the UpChat app for Zendesk. Just mark the field Delay, type the problem description and select the kind of assistance you were waiting for and refresh the info in your mind.

Case 2

Sometimes, two or more agents can consider one ticket as they can’t close it during one work shift. So with UpChat for Zendesk, one rep can mark the passed stages of conversation, and the other rep looks over the collected details and continue messaging without any re-reading. As a result, the customer has the feeling they contact with one person as there’s no point in info repetition.

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UpChat features to optimize communication support

Create four types of fields in Zendesk Support: text, checkbox, checklist, or dropdown
Add as many fields as you need (available only in the Pro version)
Update information in both places Zendesk Chat and Zendesk Support
Easy to install and use

How does it work?

First, you need to create fields via UpChat in Zendesk Support. You can select different types of fields depending on what information you will operate. There are four types of fields: text, checkbox, checklist, or dropdown.

Then, start chatting with the person as usual and before ending the conversation and closing the chat, select the parameters or type the text depending on the type of chosen fields.

Finally, go to the ticket, and check the updated information on the Apps section in the UpChat bar. Continue the messaging and update the fields in the sidebar if necessary.

No worries about security

We guarantee your data protection, so be sure it is safe. Our app doesn’t collect any data from your Zendesk profile.

UpChat within GrowthDot Enterprise

Experience a new level of seamless integration between Zendesk Chat and Support. Exclusively in our Enterprise plan, UpChat transforms into a fully customized solution, opening up unparalleled opportunities for refining your customer communication strategy. Our team of experts stands ready to offer ongoing assistance and support, ensuring you're equipped with the tools and guidance necessary for success.

UpChat within GrowthDot Enterprise


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