3 Things You Can Do to Solve Support Requests Better

82% of customers have ceased business with a company because of poor customer experience. - Zendesk

Such situations happen mainly because customer demands are constantly growing. Customers want to be served quickly, effectively, and with a personalized approach. At the same time, they expect to receive excellent support without having to tell too much about their problem. Moreover, customers want to be able to reach out to business from any channel they want, which means enabling omnichannel support.

And the main part is that your clients actually don’t care about what it takes for you to satisfy them. The only thing they want is their problems to be solved. Sounds easy. But wait a minute.

The task is to transform your business from one that simply provides support to one that delivers an outstanding experience. However, if you want to achieve such a result, make sure both your agents’ experience and tracking customer needs are on their peak. Only this way your customer support team will be able to offer seamless support. It requires huge efforts. But how to make this task easier?

There is a solution! Zendesk offers a couple of features that make it less challenging to provide quality customer service. With this kind of a toolset, be sure your support reps will reply to the requests on time, using relevant information.

1. Enable seamless support access

Each customer reaches out to businesses via channels they find the most convenient. The channel they connect through also depends on the means that are available for them at the current time.

So, it’s your responsibility to set up omnichannel support to make yourself reachable from any place. Using such kind of support, your agents will benefit by receiving requests from all available channels, track and access them in one single interface.

Zendesk offers a variety of channel options. And using them, you can be sure your customers can reach out to you and receive a timely answer at any time from a preferred channel.

Zendesk support channels include:

  • Email
  • Twitter
  • Live Chat
  • Facebook
  • Phone
  • Web Widget
  • Zendesk mobile app
  • and others…

2. Provide more support tools for your team

The complexity of customer requests grows along with the company. As a result, the tools you already use can be not enough to keep your customer service at a high level. So, your agents will need a set of advanced tools to be able to resolve them.

Using Zendesk features, like different kinds of automation rules, agents will be able to respond quickly in the required workspace. So, why not to let them manage various sorts of unique problems without having to compromise on efficiency, speed, or their level of job satisfaction?

3. Give them more customer context

As providing omnichannel support is an indispensable part of your team’s responsibilities, there might be a problem of tracing that data. That’s because your customers are constantly reaching your business through a number of channels. And manually keeping everything organized in one place is almost impossible without spending too much time on it. So, here’s when enabling your support reps to access the customer context can help.

Agents have to make wise decisions and offer effective solutions for customers’ issues. Therefore, Zendesk offers features like essentials card and interaction history. That’s how your agents will find basic info about the customers themselves and details about their previous interactions with support reps. Moreover, all these can be streamlined and reached in a matter of seconds.

Use these best practices and the result won’t take long to achieve. The support team will soon provide quick and painless resolutions for the upcoming customers’ issues and retain a high satisfaction level.

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